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Lift Chairs
Here you will learn about basic features of a Lift chair. Follow our guide to make this an easy and educating experience.

Seat Size: Consider your height and weight
Seat width: Lift chairs come in many widths to accomodate your weight
Seat height: Seat height comes in 4 heights to accomodate your height
Recline Feature: How far back do they go?
All lift chairs are the same in that they will lift you to a standing position. They differ in how far back they recline. There are 3 types of recliners.
2 Way

A Two Position Lift Chair is limited to a slight recline of about 45°, and can recline to any position in-between straight and reclined making it technically not limited to just two-positions. Two Position Lift Chairs are perfect for those who don’t need a full recline.

3 Way
A Three Position Lift Chair can almost reach a full recline (it does not achieve a perfect horizontal line, there is a slight "V" where the back and seat meet) and can recline to any position in-between straight and its fully reclined position.
Infinite Position

An Infinite Position Lift Chair is capable of achieving a fully reclined position. Infinite position lift chairs have dual motors, one for the back and one for the legs, which allows for an "infinite" amount of positions that can be achieved and also allow the user to have their feet higher than the heart.
Shop by upholstery type
Life chairs come in 4 types of upholstery and colors.

Standard Fabric



Plush Velvet

Faux Leather

Back Style
Lift chairs come in different back styles. The button backs are usually firmer than the pillow backs.

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