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NY Orthopedic USA
Quilted Heel Protector
NY Orthopedic USA
Synthetic Sheepskin Soft Boot
NY Orthopedic USA
Synthetic Sheepskin Total Wheelchair Package
Price $29.00 $38.00 $59.00
  • Protects Heel from Pressure Sores & Bruising
  • Available in a variety of options
  • Protects sensitive skin
  • Relieves Foot & Leg Pain from Arthritis, Diabetes, Post-Surgery and Other Ailments
  • Covers wheelchair in non-allergenic synthetic sheepskin
NY Orthopedic USA
Cushioned Wheelchair Restraint
NY Orthopedic USA
Resident-Release Cushion Belt
NY Orthopedic USA
Zero-G Heel Suspension Boot
Price $26.00 $27.00 $44.00
  • Restraint with no patient release
  • Allows patient to self-release
  • Reduces the risk of necrosis and ulceration
  • Velcro strap allows the device to be secured at two positions
NY Orthopedic USA
Dual-Chamber Waterproof Gel Cushion
NY Orthopedic USA
Classic Criss Cross Lumbosacral Support
NY Orthopedic USA
Gait Transfer Belt
Price $39.00 $26.00 $10.00
  • Velcro attaches to wheelchair frame
  • Pressure-reducing gel bladder
  • All elastic construction enfolds body contours comfortably
  • Helps prevent caregiver back injuries
  • 2" cotton webbing
NY Orthopedic USA
Deluxe Gait Belt
NY Orthopedic USA
Single Panel Tapered Abdominal Binder
NY Orthopedic USA
Visco-Elastic Knee Support
Price $38.00 $20.00 $34.00
  • Six handles provide attendants with a firm grip
  • Ideal for strains and weakness in the abdominal area
  • Used for abdominal, post natal or post surgical application
  • Velcro closure provides easy adjustment
  • Fits either knee
  • Medial and lateral spiral steel stays
  • Visco-elastic buttress conforms to the patella
NY Orthopedic USA
Visco-Elastic Ankle Support
NY Orthopedic USA
Visco-Elastic Elbow Support
NY Orthopedic USA
APEX™ Dual Gel Cushion
Price $25.00 $25.00 $45.00
  • Unique visco-elastic inserts contour around the ankle joint
  • Increases circulation as the ankle moves
  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Applies focused compression to relieve strain
  • Ideal for swollen or tender elbows
  • Visco-elastic pad is anatomically contoured
  • Innovative APEX™ design cools and reduces body interface pressure
NY Orthopedic USA
APEX™ Quad Gel-Cushion
NY Orthopedic USA
APEX™ Wedge Gel-Cushion
NY Orthopedic USA
Patient Safety Vest
Price $50.00 $70.00 $27.00
  • Quad gel-pod for increased cooling and stability
  • Breathable four-way stretch removable cover
  • Wedge shape improves sitting posture and provides slide-control
  • Recommended for a patient that requires a reminder not to leave the wheelchair/bed without assistance
  • Straps secure behind chair, out of patient’s reach
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