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Armrest Accessories

Unfortunately, your wheelchair may not always deliver the support and functionality you need - but our armrest accessories are here to help. This category is comprised of cushions, covers, pads, and more, all of which are designed to enhance your chair’s armrests. If you’re looking for a quick-and-easy way to customize your chair, we’ve got you covered.

We carry the best armrest accessories for all the makes and models. Check out our extensive wheelchair accessories section, where you’ll find plenty of customization options to help ensure that your chair is a perfect fit.

  • Price:
    • Unique Cellular Design
    • Creates a Custom Fit for the User
  • Price:
    • Visco-elastic foam conforms to elbows
  • Price:
    • The Gel armrest pad is designed for comfort and protection
  • Price:
    • Choice of arm pad and mount style
  • Price:
    • Comfortable Molded Armrest Attachment
    • Easily cleaned design
    • Lightweight
  • Price:
    • Comfortably extends width of armrest
  • Price:
    • Flat wood back
    • Gel pad offers comfort and support
    • Plastic side cover
  • Price:
    • Multi-track system allows the pad to be used at an angle
  • Price:
    • Contoured arm support prevents lateral leaning
  • Price:
    • Soft, plush fleece material
    • Slips over armrests
  • Price:
    • Curved steel back
    • Gel pad offers comfort and support
    • 2 T-nut connections with 1" spacing
  • Price:
    • Versatile pad fits all LaBac modular trough pieces