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Bed & Leg Wedges

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, sleep-related injuries are not uncommon. When our bodies are at rest, pressure, stress, and pain sometimes go unnoticed, making it easy to exacerbate old issues, or create new ones. Fortunately, our sleeping pillows can help. For some sleepers -- namely those with back issues -- fully horizontal positions like prone and supine may not be ideal. In such cases, wedge pillows can be a great option, as they elevate the legs and ameliorate stress on the spine, but they are useful in other scenarios as well. They can improve circulation, prevent snoring, and even relieve knee pain. If you’re looking to get a safe, restful, recuperative sleep, you’re in the right place.

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  • Price:
    • Convoluted surface securely positions both legs
    • Slip-resistant bottom helps prevent sliding
  • Price:
    • Floats heels and comforts lower legs
  • Price:
    • Ideal for those recovering from hip surgery
    • Prevents pressure sores in the lower extremeties
  • Price:
    • For Head, Leg & Foot Elevation
  • Price:
    • Cradles the legs while suspending the heels
  • Price:
    • Great for travel
    • Folds away for space-saving storage
  • Price:
    • Ideal for head, foot or leg elevation
    • Multiple sizes
  • Price:
    • Support and positioning for the trunk
  • Price:
    • 15° or 30° slope
    • Ideal for sitting up in bed
  • Price:
    • High density foam
    • Wedge-shaped foam block
  • Price:
    • Improves lower back pain and swollen knees
  • Price:
    • Ideal for neck, shoulder, and back pain
    • Multi-position, elevates upper body or legs
    • Promotes a comfortable night's sleep