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Drive Accessories

In this section, you’ll find a great selection of Drive accessories, all at the lowest prices. At you can place your order online. Or, you can give us a call at 1-800-320-7140...we have agents ready to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Price:
    • Dynamic positioning
    • Pressure management cushion
    • Ulcer prevention
  • Price:
    • Memory foam
    • Width: 16"
  • Price:
    • Small, compact, and lightweight
    • Doubles as a cylinder rack
  • Price:
    • Easy and Safe to Install
  • Price:
    • 500 lbs. weight capacity
    • Disigned for those who are unable to grip the walker
  • Price:
    • Economical option maximizes value and comfort with 3 full layers of foam
    • Top layer uses unique die-cutting and a true memory foam heel section to optimize zoned pressure redistribution
  • Price:
    • Solid Core Foam Mattress specifically designed for the institution with a sealed cover and no zipper
    • The Masongard vinyl cover is waterproof and anti-microbial
  • Price:
    • Wedge design helps prevent patient from sliding forward
    • Firm foundation reduces pressure caused by sling-seat hammockings
  • Price:
    • Delivers up to a 4:1 savings ratio
    • Can be used with up to 15 lpm of continuous flow
  • Price:
    • Comes with bolt down feet
    • Chrome plated finish, alloy carbon steel
  • Price:
    • For 2 Button Walkers
    • Folds Down When Not in Use
  • Price:
    • Allows joystick/controller to be moved to the side, placing it in the most comfortable position for driving and allowing the control unit to be moved out of the way when necessary
    • For use with these Drive Medical Power Wheelchair models: Cobalt, Cobalt X14, Cobalt X16, Cobalt X23, Intrepid, Medalist, Renegade, Medalist 450
  • Price:
    • Super-firm innerspring mattress provides ultimate support and comfort
    • The two polyester fiber pads on the top and bottom of the mattress are perfect for heavier patients
  • Price:
    • Specifically designed to redistribute pressure to assist in the prevention of pressure ulcers while providing patient comfort
    • Cushion incorporates high-density foam encapsulating a dual-chamber gel bladder
  • Price:
    • Drive regulators feature a protective contents gauge and a built-in pressure relief valve for safety
    • Mini regulators offer the same function as standard regulators while facilitating an easier fit into oxygen carry bags
  • Price:
    • Delivers a uniform pulse dose at increments: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 plus CF preset at 2 LPM
    • The only Liquid Portable Oxygen system with SmartDose auto-adjusting technology built in to best match oxygen dose to activity level
  • Price:
    • Includes hook-and-loop-fasteners
  • Price:
    • Ideal for those unable to grip the walker
    • Universally adjustable
  • Price:
    • Economical innerspring mattress with two polyester fiber toppers
    • The unit has a 1″ high-density, firm, combustion-modified fiber topper on each side
  • Price:
    • Designed to provide comfort and stability with a simple, economical design
    • Aerated foam keeps the patient cool and dry
  • Price:
    • Child-friendly design to encourage therapy compliance
    • Convenient Doggy House Backpack case comes inside each Beagle Neb box
  • Price:
    • 20-micron, sintered-bronze inlet filter
    • FDA-recommended viton and brass seal washers
  • Price:
    • Dual lifting handles
    • 5″ Swivel casters, two with brakes
  • Price:
    • Attaches with adjustable clamp