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Forearm Crutches

While traditional crutches (also referred to as underarm crutches) are supported by pads that the user secures between his or her rib cage and upper arm, forearm crutches work differently. This style of walking aid is used by inserting the arm into a partial cuff and taking hold of the handles that lie on the anterior side either crutch. If you struggle with mobility or balance when using an underarm variant, you may find that this style provides you with greater stability.

  • Price:
    • Leg and forearm sections adjust independently for optimal sizing
    • Vinyl coated, ergonomically contoured arm cuffs molded for comfort and stability
  • Price:
    • V design cuff for firm hold
    • Promotes proper hand positioning
  • Price:
    • One-piece molded plastic cuff and hand grip assembly provides safety and comfort
    • Available in 2 attractive colors
  • Price:
    • Available in 3 spring rate/weight options
    • Integrated shock absorber system softens each steps and eliminates shock to hands
  • Price:
    • Flexible crutch tip design maximizes surface contact at angle
    • Sleek modern design with soft replaceable forearm pad
  • Price:
    • 4 position cuff height adjustment offers a more customized fit
    • Folding grip with easy push button release for quick and compact storage
  • Price:
    • Non-skid crutch tips
    • Durable, vinyl handgrip for added comfort
  • Price:
    • Vinyl coated forearm cuffs
    • Easy push-button height adjustment.
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    • Durable Ortho-Ease handgrip
    • Made of high-strength aluminum tubing