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Height Measurement

During a child’s development, height measurements can provide valuable information about his or her overall health. When a child deviates from normal growth patterns, it may serve as an a way of identifying impending issues before they are otherwise apparent. Malnutrition, for instance, will often stunt a young person’s growth, while accelerated growth can be associated with hormone imbalances, among other conditions. Fortunately, all of our height measurement solutions provide precise readings, and some models even feature internal memory and digital optics.

At 1800wheelchair, we offer the best height measurement products from the top brands - and our prices won’t break the bank! Order here online or call us if you have any questions or concerns at 1-800-320-7140; Corporate clients are always welcome and we accept PO's.

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  • Price:
    • Convenient handle for easy transportation
    • Lightweight, 6.8 lbs.
  • Price:
    • 0.1 oz. graduation
    • Ideal for neonatology
  • Price:
    • Shell-shaped tray for infant safety
    • Large LCD display
  • Price:
    • Rounded sides for safe weighing
    • Ergonomic tray
  • Price:
    • Soft tray cradles the baby
    • Detachable tray for weighing small children
  • Price:
    • Smooth sliding weights
    • Ideal for hospitals and clinics
  • Price:
    • Lightweight, 1.3 lbs.
    • Portable
  • Price:
    • 15 Tapes per order
    • Non-stretch material