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Rehab Equipment

While some injuries may require hands-off healing, for others, proper rehab is essential. Whether you’re a fitness specialist or layman implementing your own program, you’ll need to have the right equipment handy. Fortunately, our rehab equipment category can help. This category is comprised of weights, bands, bars, and other tools that can help you recover quickly and effectively. If you’re looking for a safe, affordable way to get back to 100 percent, you’re in the right place.

At 1800wheelchair, we offer the best rehab equipment from the top brands -- and our prices won’t break the bank! Order online or give us a call at 1-800-320-7140; our phone agents are standing by to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Price:
    • Digital adjustment
    • Two dimensional movements possible
  • Price:
    • Anatomical movements
    • Easy to use in bed or in chair
  • Price:
    • Variable range of motion
    • Transportable
  • Price:
    • Weighs just 24 lbs.
    • Allows for treatment of all knee pathologies
  • Price:
    • Multi-angle device (15°, 20° or 25°)
    • Neck wedges adjust to any neck size
  • Price:
    • The ideal tool for fast, effective knee rehabilitation
    • Built-in pediatric capability eliminates the need for costly attachments
  • Price:
    • Softer, more flexible hose for easy handling and reduced stress at hose-to-cuff connection
  • Price:
    • Wide carriage accommodates all patients
    • Extremely lightweight, only 24 pounds!
  • Price:
    • Adjustable steel pulley support
    • Easily fits over most standard doors
  • Price:
    • Reverse seated walker
    • End user has no brakes to set, and does not have to turn around to sit down
    • Walker with high posterior seat to rest upon at appropriate height for ease in resting as required
  • Price:
    • Intended primarily for grip strength screenings
    • Perfect tool for initial and ongoing evaluation of users with head trauma and dysfunction
  • Price:
    • Fully-adjustable
    • Allows the TX® Traction device to be used with most Chattanooga tables
  • Price:
    • Range of motion from -10° hyperextension to 120° of flexion allows for treatment of all knee pathologies
  • Price:
    • No plumbing needed - simply plug into a standard electrical outlet
    • Stainless steel shelves
  • Price:
    • UV Filtered and Safe
    • Flicker and Glare Free
  • Price:
    • Provides anatomical motion for the ankle
    • Adjustable base allows for use in beds and chairs
  • Price:
    • Perfect for small clinics
    • High-quality stainless steel units give you a constant supply of temperature-consistent HotPacs
  • Price:
    • Provides anatomical motion for the shoulder
  • Price:
    • Different consistency putty for the weakest to strongest grips
    • 2, 3, 4, and 6 ounce models
  • Price:
    • Increases strength and ROM (range of motion)
    • Ideal for use in therapy, or every day fitness
  • Price:
    • Ideal for physical therapy and weight training
    • Vinyl coating provides comfort
    • Sold in single weights
  • Price:
    • Sturdy vestibular disc and non-slip board
    • Ideal for balance training
  • Price:
    • Swingaway arm allows easy side access
  • Price:
    • Heavy-duty materials and double-stitching throughout
    • Fits the ankle, wrist and thigh