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Wheelchair Back Cushions

If the head, neck, and lower back aren't properly positioned, sitting for extended periods of time can create discomfort, pain, and even injury. For those with spinal issues, a wheelchair’s stock backrest may not provide sufficient support; fortunately, our back cushions can help. Whether you’re in need of a contoured pillow for lumbar spine support, or a side-hugging pillow for lateral stability, we've got you covered.

  • Price:
    • Provides back/lumbar support
    • Sealed Liner Protects Foam Core from Moisture
    • Stabilization Board to Prevent Cushion from Bending in Sling-Back Wheelchairs
  • Price:
    • Helps improve seating posture
    • General use back cushion for all wheelchairs
    • Ultra-plush memory foam lumbar support
  • Price:
    • Ergonomic seating comfort
    • Helps relieve back pain
    • Ergonomic design for maximum seating comfort
  • Price:
    • Provides comfort and mild lumbar support
  • Price:
    • Tool Free Installation
    • Eliminates "hammock effect" of sling style chair
    • Works with existing back
  • Price:
    • Three layer
    • Moldable aluminum stays that conform to and support the user's back
    • Includes waterproof and washable cover
  • Price:
    • Includes waterproof, washable cover
    • Visco memory foam top layer
  • Price:
    • Egg crate style foam
    • Foam overlays/cushions
    • limited warranty
  • Price:
    • Extra Wide back Support
    • Women’s 18+ & Men's size 44+
    • Molds your spine into proper anatomical alignment
  • Price:
    • Molds your spine into proper anatomical alignment
    • The S shaped frame of the Obusforme molds your spine into proper anatomical alignment
    • Impact resistant lightweight polycarbonate frame
  • Price:
    • Removable, machine washable polyester/cotton cover
    • Sturdy composite board insert provides increased support
    • Elastic strap helps hold cushion in place
  • Price:
    • Eases lower back pain
    • Includes waterproof, washable cover
    • Ideal for travel, home, office or wheelchair use
  • Price:
    • Superior Lumbar Support
    • Light weight Provides comfort wherever you seat
    • Can be used with any ObusForme Backrest
  • Price:
    • Maintains spines natural curvature
    • Highly resilient visco-elastic foam
    • Memory foam reacts to the temperature of the body andforms naturally to body contours