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Magnetic Thumb and Wrist Support

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Magnetic Thumb and Wrist Support

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Quick Overview

  • Supportive Brace
  • Benefit of Magnet Therapy


This combination thumb and wrist support is made of neoprene with a comfortable CoolMax® lining. This brace allows for injury precenting support with a reasonable amount of flexibility while still providing the benefits of magnetic therapy to the entire hand and thumb. Built in to the support are 2 BIOflex® concentric circle magnets.


  • Comfy Neoprene Design
  • CoolMax Inner Liner
  • 2 500 Gauss Magnets Built-In
  • Supportive Brace

    How do BIOflex® magnets work?

  • BIOflex® magnets feature a series of concentric circular poles. The circles are of variable width and alternate between the N and S poles. This magnetic field configuration is optimal for modulation of cellular processes related to blood flow and pain reduction.
  • Studies at major universities have verified that the BIOflex® magnetic design of concentric circles of alternating polarity can consistantly relieve musculoskeletal pain. The magnets act like an electric heating pad to bring more blood to an area, increasing the nutrients and building blocks the damaged tissues need for repair. They also accelerate the clearance of toxic waste products resulting from the injury. All of this reduces swelling which irritates nerve endings, one of the major causes of post-injury or overuse musculoskeletal pain.
  • 2 Built-In Magnets


Brace Size 7.75'' x 10.25''
Magnets 2
Magnet Strength 500 gauss per magnet
Brace Material Neoprene with CoolMax Liner

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