The 5 Best Electric Wheelchairs of 2024

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Feather Carbon Fiber 29X
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eVolt Traveler power chair
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Model H Hybrid manual and power chair
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Move Lite Folding power chair
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Feather Weight 33 lbs power wheelchair
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At 1800wheelchair, we've been offering Electric Wheelchairs since 1997, spanning over two decades of expertise. During this time, we've assisted over a million customers in finding the perfect electric-powered wheelchairs, empowering them to lead more active lifestyles. Here are our top 5 best-selling travel Electric Wheelchairs for 2024.

Providing some context on our selection criteria: In recent years, we've observed a shift towards outdoor-friendly, foldable lightweight electric wheelchairs. These motorized wheelchairs are designed to be easily folded and lifted into a car, making them ideal for travel. With the aging population seeking to spend more time at home or with loved ones, the demand for electric wheelchairs has grown, particularly for models that offer comfort both indoors and outdoors and are convenient for travel, especially in terms of lifting into and out of vehicles.

Things to consider when shopping for a lightweight Electric Powerd Wheelchair:

Height and weight of the user - For users weighing over 250 lbs., a Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchair is necessary. These wheelchairs are constructed with a wider seat and a robust motor capable of accommodating the user's weight. HD electric wide-seat wheelchairs feature a larger seat, typically 20” and wider, to ensure comfortable seating. Additionally, they are equipped with a stronger motor to provide ample power and heavy-duty wheels to navigate obstacles with ease, ensuring a smoother ride overall.

The weight of the chair and its folding mechanism - The lighter your Motorized Wheelchair, the easier it is to lift into a car. In previous years, Electric Wheelchairs often exceeded 100 pounds and lacked foldability, making them nearly impossible to lift into a car. However, with advancements in manufacturing technology and the use of lightweight yet durable materials, we can now produce electric wheelchairs that are both lightweight and robust. Some models weigh as little as 28 lbs., enabling quick folding and effortless lifting into various modes of transportation, including cars, vans, buses, trains, and even airplanes.

Air Travel: Are you planning to bring the electric wheelchair on a car trip or an airplane journey?: - If you're thinking about bringing your power wheelchair along in a car or van, consider checking out a lightweight foldable electric wheelchair powered by a lithium battery. It's worth noting that only lithium batteries are approved by the FAA (check out their post here). Look for a scooter that folds easily into a small footprint; this makes it simple to maneuver and store whenever needed. (*We suggest reaching out to your specific airline before your trip to verify their requirements.)

Here are the best electric wheelchairs for 2024:

#1. Best overall Feather Carbon Fiber 29X

Star Rating

The Carbon Fiber 29X stands as the pinnacle of wheelchair technology, earning its position as our top choice for the best overall electric wheelchair. Its unparalleled combination of features makes it the most impressive mobility solution available. Utilizing carbon fiber not only enhances its aesthetic appeal with a sleek, organic-round design but also ensures an incredibly lightweight structure. As of 2024, the Feather Carbon sets a new standard as the lightest electric wheelchair at a mere 29 lbs, facilitating effortless handling and transport, particularly when loading and unloading from vehicles.

Among its standout features, the CF 29X boasts effortless folding capability and a compact footprint, measuring just 31” x 29” x 14”. Additionally, the inclusion of large 12” rear wheels ensures a smoother ride, particularly when navigating over minor obstacles.

Pros: What we love about the Feather Carbon Fiber 29X
  • Lightweight at only 28 lbs, making it the world's lightest electric wheelchair.
  • Crafted entirely from carbon fiber, boasting a beautiful design.
  • Remarkably compact fold size of 31” x 29”.
  • Features flip-back arms for convenience.
  • Equipped with 12” rear wheels.
Cons: where the Feather Carbon Fiber 29X falls short
  • Limited driving range of 6 miles.
  • Aside from this, it's virtually flawless!
Configure the Feather Carbon Fiber 29X

#2. eVolt Travler Power Chair

Star Rating

The eVolt Powerchair has won over customers primarily due to its affordability, making it the most economical power wheelchair in its category. Before its introduction to the market in 2021, finding a quality powered wheelchair priced under $1,000 was a daunting task. While the eVolt may not excel in terms of weight, tipping the scales at 48 lbs., which could pose a challenge for some users when lifting it in and out of a car, it remains a compelling choice for mobility needs. Its 12” rear wheels and robust motor ensure reliable performance both indoors and outdoors.

Notable features include its swift folding mechanism, removable batteries, and flip-back arms, enhancing its versatility and convenience.

Pros: What we love about the eVolt Travler Power Chair
  • - Features 2 robust 250W motors
  • - Equipped with 12” rear wheels
  • - Includes flip-back arms for added convenience
Cons: Where the eVolt Travler Power Chair falls short
  • At 48 lbs. It may be heavy to lift
Configure the eVolt Travler Power Chair

#3. Model H Hybrid Manual and Power Chair

Star Rating

The Model H - Hybrid electric wheelchair stands out for its unique dual functionality, serving as both an electric and manual self-propelled wheelchair. Featuring the traditional large 24” rear wheels found on manual wheelchairs, users have the option to self-propel, which can also serve as a form of exercise. Alternatively, the motor can be activated for electric wheelchair operation. Weighing in at 39 lbs., it falls on the lighter end of the spectrum for lightweight electric wheelchairs.

Other notable features include its swift folding mechanism, removable batteries, and flip-back arms. Additionally, it boasts an impressive 13-mile driving range on a single full charge.

Pros: What we love about the Model H Hybrid Manual and Power Chair
  • A unique combination of both motorized and manual wheelchair functionalities.
  • Ideal for upper body exercise.
  • Features super large 24” rear tires.
  • Weighing in at 39 lbs., it's relatively light for lifting into a car.
  • Offers a speed of 5 mph and a range of 13 miles.
Cons: Where the Model H Hybrid Manual and Power Chair falls short
  • The larger rear wheels may feel bulky for certain users.
Configure the Feather Model H Hybrid Manual And Power Chair

#4. Move Lite Folding power chair

Star Rating

Since its introduction in 2020, the Move Lite has consistently been a top-selling electric wheelchair for outdoor adventures and travel.

Customers are drawn to its impressive 500-watt motor, providing remarkable power, coupled with a generous weight capacity of 300 lbs. This combination ensures a robust and reliable performance. The Move Lite can achieve speeds of up to 5 mph and cover a distance of 15 miles on a single charge, offering both speed and endurance for extended journeys. Its sleek design adds to its allure, featuring a classic black frame complemented by an eye-catching orange accent.

Comfort is paramount with the Move Lite, featuring a plush 3” cushion seat and a high backrest for added support during prolonged use. Equipped with two large 12” flat-free rear wheels and boasting a 2.5” clearance, this wheelchair effortlessly navigates various terrains, including paved roads, gravel paths, and short grass.

Despite its robust features, the Move Lite remains lightweight, weighing under 50 lbs, and arrives fully assembled for immediate use.

Pros: What we love about the Move Lite Folding Power Chair
  • Exceptionally sturdy and visually appealing folding chair.
  • Designed with 12” rear wheels for enhanced performance.
  • Capable of reaching speeds of 5 mph with a driving range of 15 miles.
  • Provides excellent outdoor comfort.
Cons: Where the Move Lite Folding Power Chair falls short
  • Weighing in at 50 lbs. may pose a challenge when lifting.
Move Lite Folding power chair

#5. Feather Weight 33 lbs power wheelchair

Star Rating

Until the year 2024, The Featherchair Electric Wheelchair, weighing just 33 lbs., held the title of being the lightest and most compact electric wheelchair available. However, it has now been surpassed in weight by our top choice, the Carbon Fiber 28X, weighing an astonishing 28 lbs. Nevertheless, we proudly regard The Featherchair as the second-lightest electric wheelchair on the market.

Through innovative manufacturing techniques and metal processes, we've crafted a remarkable 33 lbs. Electric Wheelchair - complete and ready to use straight out of the box! This Featherweight Power Chair is exceptionally easy to handle, allowing almost anyone to lift it effortlessly into a car. It requires no assembly or disassembly and folds neatly into a compact space measuring just 28” x 28” x 13”, ensuring compatibility with any car trunk and most small closets.

Styled with a chic matte black frame, The Featherchair boasts a comfortable 1” black seat cushion and back with stylish red piping. Offering speeds of up to 3.7 mph and a range of 13 miles on a single charge, it combines both style and functionality seamlessly.

We guarantee you'll be delighted with this chair.

The Featherchair Electric Wheelchair weighing 33 lbs. ships fully assembled for your convenience.

Pros: What we love about Feather Weight 33 Lbs Power Wheelchair
  • Incredibly lightweight at only 33 lbs.
  • Features an elegant matte black frame with striking orange accents.
  • Equipped with 12” rear wheels designed for optimal performance.
  • Capable of reaching speeds of up to 4 mph with a driving range of 13 miles.
  • Airline approved with a lithium battery.
Cons: Where the Feather Weight 33 Lbs Power Wheelchair falls short
  • Currently, no flaws!
Feather Weight 33 lbs power wheelchair

Electric wheelchair FAQ’s

Question: Where are Electric Wheelchairs manufactured?

It's a well-known fact that the production of consumer electric wheelchairs predominantly occurs in Asia, particularly in China. While some are also manufactured in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Mexico, there are currently no electric wheelchairs manufactured in the USA.

However, leading USA electric wheelchair brands such as FEATHER Mobility, Drive Medical, Pride Mobility, Invacare, and Golden Technologies, among others, maintain strong and fruitful partnerships with Chinese manufacturing facilities for the production of electric wheelchairs. These brands exercise strict control over the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of their products. Additionally, some USA brands conduct secondary quality control checks upon the arrival of products at their distribution centers in the USA.

Quality control measures implemented by these brands encompass various aspects including safety standards, testing weight capacity, response time of brakes, battery performance, warning signals, speed, turning capability, anti-tip over protection technology, and ensuring that controllers and motors incorporate the latest technological advancements such as brushless motors and electromagnetic brakes. Many brands also subject their products to weather testing, evaluating their performance in diverse environmental conditions such as varying temperatures and wet conditions. Moreover, rigorous testing is conducted to assess the durability of the chairs under heavy usage and to verify their ability to withstand advertised weight capacities.

Question: Which is superior? Geared/Brushed motors or Brushless motors?

We highly recommend opting for an electric wheelchair equipped with a brushless motor. Although they may entail a slightly higher initial cost, they offer superior longevity and efficiency.

Geared/Brushed Motors are more cost-effective and feature simpler wiring, sometimes connecting directly to the battery with basic switch control. However, they are less efficient due to constant friction and eventual wear and tear. This wear results from continuous motion involving the commutator and shaft, leading to approximately 75-80% of the motor's power converting into rotational force, with the remaining being dissipated as heat.

In contrast, Brushless motors, while slightly pricier, boast an extended lifespan as they lack brushes that wear out over time. Consequently, they require less maintenance. Brushless motors achieve higher efficiency, converting approximately 85-95% of their power into rotational force. Additionally, they come with a controller for enhanced functionality.

Question: What are the different types of Electric Wheelchair brands?

    Manufacturers of Electric Wheelchairs

    As stated earlier, consumer electric wheelchairs are not manufactured in the USA. Instead, well-known American wheelchair brands like Pride Mobility, Drive Medical, Golden Technologies, and FEATHER Mobility function as importers of electric wheelchairs from China. They handle various aspects including product design, quality control, importation, and logistics. Typically, these manufacturers distribute their products through third-party sellers such as traditional retailers like medical supply stores, as well as online e-commerce platforms.

    Retailers of Electric Wheelchairs

    These retailers include medical supply stores and online retailers that purchase electric wheelchairs and other medical supplies from manufacturers who import them from China. Retailers focus on marketing, customer acquisition, customer retention, and handling post-sale matters such as product repairs and warranties.

    Manufacture - Retailers (Hybrid)

    These are companies that oversee the entire lifecycle of the product, including design, quality control in China, shipping logistics, marketing, sales, and post-sale customer care. Purchasing your electric wheelchairs through a manufacturer retailer offers several advantages.

    Firstly, you can expect a higher quality product since the same company manages the entire process from inception to completion, allowing for continuous product improvement based on accumulated data. Secondly, buying directly from the manufacturer eliminates intermediary costs, resulting in lower overall expenses for the customer. Essentially, when you buy from a manufacturer retailer, you're purchasing your product directly from the source, without any additional markup.

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