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Feather Flight - 28 lbs Mobility Scooter
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Ezfold Super Lightweight 46 lbs Foldable Scooter
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Feather Mobility Scooter™ - Lightest Electric Scooter 37 lbs.
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Gazelle Mobility Scooter with Canopy and Windshield
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Red Elephant Heavy-Duty Mobility Scooter
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After selling Mobility Scooters for over 25 years at 1800wheelchair, and to over a million customers here are our 5 best-selling mobility scooters for 2024.

Some context regarding the scooters we chose for this list. We decided to focus on the top-selling mobility scooters from all our scooter categories; from super light travel scooters, 3 and 4-wheel mobility scooters to heavy-duty “off-road” scooters.

When buying a scooter here are four things you should consider:

Height and weight of the user - If your weight exceeds 250 lbs., consider Heavy Duty - High Weight Capacity Mobility Scooters. These are designed to support heavier users with features like a wide seat, a robust motor for increased speed, and larger tires for a smoother ride, even on uneven surfaces. However, if you weigh under 250 lbs., you'll find most travel and full-size scooters comfortable for your needs.

Where are you using the scooter? Indoors, outdoors, or both - If you plan to use your scooter indoors, consider models with a three-wheel setup. This configuration offers a tighter turning radius, making it easier to navigate through narrow spaces, which is especially beneficial for smaller homes. On the other hand, if you intend to use the scooter outdoors, especially on uneven terrain with roads, hills, bumps, and curbs, opt for scooters equipped with larger wheels, ideally 8 inches or more in diameter.

Will you be taking the scooter in a car or SUV - If you intend to transport your scooter in a car or van, you have two choices:

1) Purchase a lightweight portable scooter that either disassembles or folds. Keep in mind that while many travel scooters claim to be "lightweight," it's important to aim for a weight under 35 lbs. for easier lifting in and out of a vehicle.

2) Alternatively, for larger scooters, consider a vehicle scooter lift. This device can either raise your scooter inside the trunk or car or attach it to a car rack outside for convenient transportation.

When flying, airlines typically allow only sealed non-spillable lead acid and lithium batteries. Nonetheless, it's advisable to confirm this policy with your specific airline before your journey. Check out the FAA’s post on traveling with electrical mobility products. Also, see our detailed post here.

Here are our top best electric wheelchair travel wheelchairs for 2024:

#1. Best over-all Feather Flight

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Introducing the Feather Flight mobility scooter, a revolutionary Mobility Scooter crafted to redefine portability. Weighing a mere 28 lbs., it stands as the epitome of lightweight design while also boasting unparalleled compactness. This scooter effortlessly features an innovative accordion fold mechanism that fits into the overhead compartments of airplanes. When folded, it occupies a mere 24” x 16”, ensuring hassle-free storage and transportation. With a swift fold and unfold process clocking in at under 30 seconds, there's no need to disassemble the scooter when on the move.

Experience the ease of maneuverability firsthand as you effortlessly lift the Feather Flight in and out of your car. Its featherlight construction promises convenience at every turn.

Pros: What we love about the Feather Flight - 28 lbs
  • Lightweight at only 28 lbs, making it the lightest in the world!
  • Compact fold of 24” x 16”.
  • Fits in the overhead compartment of most commercial airlines.
  • Lithium battery, perfect for air travel.
  • Easy single-fold mechanism.
Cons: where the Feather Flight - 28 lbs falls short
  • Not designed for rough terrain.
  • Performs less effectively on steep hills and slopes; best suited for flat surfaces.
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#2. Ezfold Scooter

Star Rating

The reason why our customers love the eZfold is because of the few things combined it does better than most scooters. It’s both a travel folding scooter, with no assembly or disassembly when traveling and it boasts a fast speed of 12 MPH with an 18-mile range on a full charge. Most travel/folding scooters either don’t go that fast, are not that light, or don't have that travel range!

Another thing we like about the eZfold is the super comfortable seat & back and the half armrests that support you when going in and out of the scooter.

Pros: What we love about the Ezfold Scooter
  • Weighs 46 lbs!
  • Super fast at 12 MPH
  • Battery range of 18 miles.
  • Features a thick, comfortable seat and armrests.
  • Easy single-fold mechanism.
  • Equipped with a lithium battery approved for airline travel.
Cons: Where the Ezfold Scooter
  • Slightly heavy for easy lifting
  • Some prefer a more stable four-wheel base scooter
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#3. Feather Mobility Scooter 37 lbs

Star Rating

The Feather Mobility Scooter has been part of our top 5 selling scooters for the last few years because of its lightweight at 37 lbs.! You will appreciate that when lifting in and out of a car.

It also has the tight turning radius of a three-wheel scooter, which is great for indoors or in tight spaces, and the stability of a four-wheel scooter when driving outdoors. It folds in under 30 seconds into one piece for easy storage and has a tall 10” rear wheel for a smooth ride.

Pros: What we love about the eFoldi
  • Lightweight at 37 lbs.
  • Combines the advantages of a 3-wheel scooter's tight turning radius with the stability of a 4-wheel scooter.
  • Features 10” tall rear wheels.
  • Reaches a speed of 5 MPH.
  • Easy single-fold design.
  • Equipped with a lithium battery approved for airline travel.
Cons: Where the eFoldi falls short
  • Maximum speed limited to 5 mph.
  • Provides the sensation of a three-wheel scooter, which may not offer sufficient stability for some users.
Configure the Feather Mobility Scooter 37 lbs

#4. Gazelle Mobility Scooter

Star Rating

Only a handful of scooters offer the convenience of a rooftop and windshield for shielding against the elements—be it scorching sun, light rain, or gusty wind. If you're in search of a recreational scooter boasting 14” tall wheels, a 4.7” ground clearance, a speed limit of 10 mph, a 31-mile range per charge, and the aesthetic appeal akin to a majestic Gazelle, your quest ends here. Few scooters in this class encompass all these attributes along with the added advantage of a top roof and windshield. Hence, the Gazelle HD proudly secures its spot among the top 5 scooters of the year.

Pros: What we love about the Gazelle Mobility Scooter
  • Stunning design with a focus on aesthetics.
  • Equipped with a hard roof and sturdy windshield, reminiscent of a golf cart.
  • Travels at a speed of 10 MPH.
  • Features 14” rear and front tires.
  • Offers a ground clearance of 4.7”.
  • Includes head and tail lights for enhanced visibility.
  • Provides lockable rear storage for added convenience
Cons: Where the Gazelle Mobility Scooter falls short
  • It is not suitable for indoor use due to its size and design.
  • Will need a ramp or lift to travel with a car or SUV
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#5. Red Elephant Scooter

Star Rating

The Red Elephant, reaching speeds of 15 MPH, stands as the fastest scooter currently available in our Recreational Scooters collection. Catering to customers seeking swifter journeys than conventional scooters offer, alongside the capability for day-long rides, we wholeheartedly endorse the Red Elephant. With a remarkable 43-mile range on a single charge and equipped with 16” rear and 14” front tires, it promises an exceptionally comfortable ride.

Featuring both front and rear lights for enhanced visibility, as well as a generously sized rear basket, the Red Elephant encompasses both practicality and style. Overall, cruising through town on our vibrant Red Elephant Mobility Scooter is bound to capture attention and turn heads.

Pros: What we love about the Red Elephant Scooter
  • Impressive 500 lbs weight capacity, making it a Heavy Duty (HD) option.
  • Speeds up to 15 MPH with a range of 43 miles.
  • Equipped with 16” rear and 14” front tires for stability.
  • Offers a generous ground clearance of 46”.
  • Features head and tail lights for enhanced visibility.
  • Includes a rear storage basket for added convenience.
Cons: Where the Red Elephant falls short
  • It is not suitable for indoor use due to its size and weight.
  • Requires a ramp or lift for transportation with a car or SUV.
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Mobility Scooter F.A.Q

Where are mobility scooters made?

Most mobility scooters that are sold in the USA are manufactured in Asia. 80% are made in mainland China and 20% outside China in Taiwan or Vietnam. Some Mobility Scooters are designed in the USA or Europe (but are still manufactured in China) All in all Mobility Scooters are manufactured in Asia.

Mobility Scooter Supply Chain

Mobility scooters sold in the USA are typically produced through collaboration between US companies and Asian manufacturers. This is due to the absence of mobility scooter manufacturing plants in the USA. However, reputable US companies ensure quality control by implementing measures at Chinese mobility scooter manufacturers, such as:

    Load Testing: Ensuring the scooter can safely carry the advertised weight load and capacity.
    Climate Testing: Evaluating the scooter's resilience to various temperatures, climates, seasons, and environments.
    Wear and Tear Testing: Simulating repeated use to assess the durability of components, particularly chairs, after heavy usage.
    Safety Testing: Verifying all safety measures including battery safety, brake response time, balance, anti-tipping, horns, backup alarms, light indicators, and compliance with USA requirements.
    Product Road Testing: Some companies conduct rigorous road tests on each scooter before shipping to the USA to ensure proper functionality.
    Drive Testing: Electric wheelchairs undergo thorough test drives and checklist inspections before shipping to ensure they are in optimal working condition.

Here are some reputable USA scooter companies:

  • Pride Mobility
  • Golden Technologies
  • Feather Mobility

These renowned USA brands stand out for their expertise in designing and manufacturing top-notch mobility scooters sourced from Asia, which are then distributed through online retailers and retail stores across the USA. Their key strengths lie in their strong relationships with international manufacturers and their commitment to delivering exceptional products by focusing on design, quality control, shipping logistics, and providing excellent post-sale technical support and parts services.

These USA brands primarily engage in selling their scooters to distributors or retailers rather than directly to end-users (consumers). These distributors or retailers, including both physical stores and online sellers, then handle the direct sales to consumers. The retailer establishes a direct relationship with the consumer and assumes responsibility for all customer service, repair, and warranty matters that may arise after the sale.

Three types of Scooter companies: B2B, D2C, and Retailers

B2B - Business to Business
Some companies manufacture their scooters abroad and import them to the US to be sold to other distributors or retail stores. The consumer has a relationship only with the retailer who helps them choose the correct mobility scooter and will handle all post-sale service and repair requests. The B2B companies support the retailers with shipping, warranties, post-sale technical support, and parts when needed

There are over 10,000 retail stores in the USA that sell DME - Durable Medical Equipment and Scooters. Some are “mom and pop” shops, superstores, chain stores, franchises, and many other retail configurations these retailers buy from manufacturers or distributors. These retailers are knowledgeable in the products and can best help customers navigate the different Mobility Scooters and help them find the one that best suits their needs.

D2C - Direct-to-consumer
These companies, known as "vertically integrated," handle every aspect from design to distribution. They design the mobility scooters, oversee manufacturing overseas, manage quality control, import the product to the USA, and sell it directly to the consumer. Apple is a prime example of a D2C company; it designs the iPhone, manufactures it in China, imports it to the US, and sells it directly to consumers.

The advantage of working with a direct-to-consumer brand is twofold: consumers receive a superior product at a lower cost. Products from D2C brands are more reliable because they undergo fewer exchanges, with the D2C company managing every stage from design to post-sale customer service and repair. Additionally, consumers benefit from lower prices since there are no intermediaries involved, akin to buying directly from the manufacturer.

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