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Shoprider Echo 3 Wheel Scooter
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Drive Spitfire Scout Compact Scooter
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eFoldi - Award Winner
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EzFold super lightweight 38 lbs. foldable Scooter
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Red Elephant Scooter
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The Best mobility scooter for 2022 CEO Reviews

After selling mobility scooters for over two decades and to over a million customers here are our 5 best selling mobility scooters for 2022

Some context regarding the scooters we chose for this list, we decided to focus on the top-selling mobility scooters from all our scooter categories; from super light travel scooters, 3 and 4 wheel mobility scooters to heavy duty “off-road” scooters.

When buying a scooter here are four things you should consider:

Height and weight of the user - If the user is over 250 lbs. You should look at Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters that will accommodate the users’ weight, it will have a larger seat for a comfortable ride and a stronger motor and wheels for power.

Where will the scooter be used?: Indoor, outdoor, both - If the scooter will be used indoors we recommend you look for a scooter with a tight turning radius so you can easily maneuver the scooter indoors (especially if you live in a smaller home). If you will be taking the scooter outdoors you will need to account for any steps going in and out of your home with the purchase or building a scooter ramp for easy access in and out of your home.

Will you be taking the scooter in a car or an airplane? - If you plan on taking your scooter in a car or a van you have two options: One is to buy a portable scooter that either disassembles or is super lightweight. Another option for larger scooters would be a vehicle scooter lift that will lift your scooter inside the trunk or car or a car rack that sits outside the car to carry your scooter.

For airline travel, there are approved airline travel mobility scooters that have lithium batteries that are safe for airline travel (*you may need to confirm with your airline for specific rules)

Here are our top best electric wheelchair travel wheelchairs for 2022

#1. Shoprider Echo 3 Wheel Scooter

Star Rating

is our most compact scooter Our customers love the Shoprider Echo 3 wheel scooter because its can be used for both indoor and outdoors, because of its smaller frame and three wheels it has one of the smallest turning radiuses of all scooters - it can turn in a space of 32” which is great for maneuvering indoors in small homes and tight spaces.

Other benefits are that the Shoprider Echo 3 disassembles easily into three parts (the base, the seat and the batteries) with the heaviest part weighing in at only 35 lbs.! Making it super easy to lift in and out of a car when traveling. It also has a 1” thick cushion seat, flip down arms for easy transport, 8” front and rear flat-free wheels, and a speed of 3.8 mph.

This mobility scooter is super affordable at $699. Shipping is FREE and it arrived fully assembled

Pros: What we love about the Shoprider Echo 3
  • 32” tight turning radius - Great for indoors
  • Comes easily apart into three sections for travel
  • Heaviest part weighing only 35 lbs.
  • Easy to lift in and out of a car
  • Super affordable at only $699
  • Arrives fully assembled
Cons: where the Shoprider Echo 3 falls short
  • Stability - 3 wheels is not as stable as a 4 wheel scooter
  • Low 1.5” ground clearance
  • Short 8-mile drive on one charge
  • Not approved for airline travel
Configure the Shoprider Echo 3 Wheel Scooter

#2. Drive Spitfire Scout Compact Scooter

Star Rating

is our best economy four-wheel mobility scooter. This is our most popular compact 4 wheels scooter because it has everything a fully loaded scooter has but at a super low price of $749.00. The Spitfire Scout is both an indoor and outdoor scooter. It has flat-free 8” front and rear tires with a 2.5-inch clearance which will allow you to drive over small bumps, gravel, and short grass. The seat swivels and the arms flip up for easy entry and exit of the scooter seat.

A 4 wheel scooter has a lot more stability than a three scooter. The advantage of a 3 wheel scooter is that it is slightly more compact and will have a tighter turning radius. If you have slight balance issues you should be sitting in a 4 wheel mobility scooter.

The Drive Spitfire Scout also easily disassembles into 4 parts for travel with the heaviest part at 39 lbs. Making it super easy to lift in and out of a car. Our customers love the 4.35 mph speed and the 9 - 15-mile range (depending on the battery option). It also boasts a 300 lbs capacity to carry a heavier load.

The Drive Spitfire Scout comes with free shipping and is shipped fully assembled.

Pros, What we love about the Drive Spitfire Scout
  • Fully loaded at only $749
  • Cushioned seat, back, and armrests
  • 8” front/rear wheels with a 2.5” ground clearance
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Swivel seat and flip-up arms
  • Disassembles into four sections for travel
  • The heaviest piece is 39 lbs.
  • Indoor and outdoor scooter
  • 4 wheels for stability
Cons: Where the Drive Spitfire Scout falls short
  • 8” wheels may be too small or riding on taller grass or gravel
  • Great for short trips. But not longer
  • Scooter needs to be disassembled for travel
  • Not Airline approved
Configure the Drive Spitfire Scout Compact Scooter

#3. eFoldi

Star Rating

Award-Winning suitcase scooter The eFoldi Mobility Scooter comes to us from England. It won the British Invention of the Year Award because it's the lightest and most compact scooter that folds into the size of carry-on luggage!. In fact, the eFoldi mobility transforms into three products: a mobility scooter, a stand alone chair, and a suitcase. Which makes it the ultimate traveling companion. You have to see it to believe it and of course, it is airplane approved. You can literally take this scooter anywhere.

The eFoldi boasts one of the lightest weights you will find on a Mobility Scooter at 37 lbs. with the battery and 33 lbs. without the battery! I almost forgot to mention that it goes super fast at 8mph with a 14-mile range per charge.

Our customers tell us that they also love the super large 12” front and 10” rear wheels with a ground clearance of 4.7” making it easier to go over grass and gravel and normal bumps you find in “normal’ travel.

The Efoldi has 260 lbs. capacity and comes fully assembled

Pros: What we love about the eFoldi
  • Three in one: Scooter, Chair, Suitcase
  • Folds to 34” x 22” x 15” as a wheeled suitcase
  • Super light at 37 lbs. and 33 lbs. without the batteries
  • Large 12” front and 10” rear tires
  • Folds into one piece of luggage
  • 3 wheels 36” tight turning radius
Cons: Where the eFoldi falls short
  • At almost $3,000 some of our customers find it expensive. Although we feel it's worth the price:)
  • Lower seat to floor height than most scooters
Configure the eFoldi

#4. EzFold super lightweight 38 lbs. foldable Scooter

Star Rating

Our best selling scooter in 2020 The EzFold scooter is our best selling scooter in 2020 because it folds and unfolds in 2 seconds into one compact piece, and is super easy to lift in and out of a car because it weighs only 38 lbs.! The EzFold also is super comfortable to sit and ride in because of its 2.5” thick ergonomic seat and cushion design.

The EzFold is one of the quickest scooters clocking in at 10 mph with a 18-mile range. You can party with this scooter all day long.

The EzFold is airline approved and ships fully assembled.

Pros: What we love about the EzFold Scooter
  • Weighs only 13 lbs.
  • Ergonomic seat and back thick cushions
  • Superfast at 10 mph
  • 18-mile range per charge
  • Super tight turning radius
  • Airline approved
Cons: Where the EzFold mobility scooter falls short
  • Three wheels are not ideal for users who need extra stability
Configure the EzFold super lightweight 38 lbs

#5. Red Elephant Scooter

Star Rating

Best Heavy Duty Scooter This Scooter was aptly named Red Elephant not only because of its sheer size or the fact that it can carry a person up to 500 lbs. But like an elephant, it can speed as fast as 15 mph! With a 43 mile range.

The Red Elephant is one of the biggest and most powerful scooters around. It has a 6” ground clearance for going over obstacles or tall grass; it also boasts super large front 14” and 16” rear tires with suspension. This HD scooter is fully loaded with front and rear lights, dual mirrors, and a huge basket in the back for storage.

The Red Elephant Ships fully assembled

Pros: What we love about the Red Elephant HD Scooter
  • 500 lbs. Capacity
  • 15 mph + 43-mile range
  • 14” front and 16” rear tires
  • Front and rear lights / dual mirrors
  • Large rear wheel basket
Cons: Where the Red Elephant falls short
  • It’s a big scooter - not great for small spaces
  • 14” front and 16” rear tires
Configure the Red Elephant Scooter

Mobility Scooter F.A.Q

Where are mobility scooters made?

All mobility scooters that are sold in the USA are manufactured in Asia. 80% are made in mainland China and 20% in Taiwan. Some Mobility Scooters are designed in Europe (but are still manufactured in China) Such as the eFoldi that was designed in Great Britain, United Kingdom and the Beautifully designed Atto Folding Mobility Scooter and the Heavy Duty Afiscooter are both designed in Israel. All in all Mobility Scooters are manufactured in Asia.

Mobility Scooter Supply Chain

The Scooters that are sold in the USA are facilitated by US Companies working with Chinese manufacturers to produce mobility scooters. This is because today, unfortunately, there are no Mobility Scooters Manufacture plants in the USA A reputable USA company will put in place quality control at the Chinese mobility Scooter manufacturers - such as:
Load testing: testing the scooter that it can carry the advertised weight load and capacity Climate testing: scooters are tested to see if they can withstand different temperatures, climates and seasons, and environments
Wear and tear: where they stimulate repeated use to see how strong the chairs are after heavy usage. Safety testing: where all safety measures are tested such as battery safety, brake response time, balance, anti-tipping, horns and backup alarms, light indicators, and any USA requirements Product road testing: Some companies will test each and every scooter before shipping to the USA to be sure it's in proper working condition
Drive test: Every Electric wheelchair is test-driven and put through a checklist before shipping to check if it's in 100% working condition.

  • USA Electric wheelchair Manufacturers
  • B2B, B2C, and D2C
  • B2B - Business to Business
  • Drive Medical
  • Invacare
  • Pride Mobility
  • Golden Technologies

These companies are really good at importing quality Mobility Scooters from China to be sold in the USA through online retailers and retail stores. What the B2B companies excel at is their relationships with Chinese manufacturers and producing a great product through implementing design and quality control. B2B Companies are also great at logistics. Bringing over the Mobility Scooters safe and clean to the mainland USA.

B2B companies do not sell directly to the end-user (the consumer) they sell the Scooters to other retailers (both to stores and on-line retailers) who then sell the mobility scooters to the consumer. It is the retailer who has a relationship with the consumer and responsible for all the customer service, repair, and warranty issues that may come up post-sale.

B2C - Business to consumer
mobility scooter companies These are retailers such as medical supply stores or online retailers who do not “manufacture” or source the mobility scooters (from China) but they buy the scooters from the USA B2B companies who source these chairs in Asia. The consumer has a relationship only with the retailer who helps them choose the correct mobility scooter and will handle all post-sale service and repair requests.

D2C - Direct to consumer
These are companies that are what we call “vertically integrated” companies they do from A to Z. they design the Mobility Scooters, they have relationships with the Chinese manufacturing, they oversee the quality control, import the product to the USA and sell it directly to the consumer. Apple is an example of a D2C company; Apple designs the iPhone, manufactures it (in China) imports it back to the US, and sells it to the consumer.

The Advantage of working with a Direct to Consumer brand is twofold: you will get a much better product and a lower cost. You will get a better and more reliable product because the product does not exchange any hands, the D2C company is the only one engaged with your mobility scooter from start to finish. From design, manufacturing, shipping, selling, and post sale customer service and repair! And because there are no middle people you get the lowest price - it's almost like buying directly from the manufacturer!

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