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Built for those who find it difficult or impossible to stand long enough to shower, shower seats & bath benches are designed to be placed in the tub, and will support your weight comfortably as you bathe -- despite the slick conditions. Most models feature rubberized feet help prevent slippage, handles to help the user grip, and drainage holes on the seat and legs to prevent the chair itself from retaining water. Don’t let fatigue and balance issues stop you from comfortably maintaining your hygiene; browse our selection and see which product is right for you.

Shower Seats & Bath Benches - 351 - 450 lbs. - Platinum Health

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    1. HydroGlyde Premium Sliding Bath Transfer Bench Shower Chair
      HydroGlyde Premium Sliding Bath Transfer Bench Shower Chair
      • Prevents slips and falls
      • Quick Tool-Free Assembly
      • Rustproof aluminum Frame
      Weight Capacity420 lbs.
      Seat Width13"
      Seat Depth16"
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      Top 10 Shower Chairs and Bath Seats

      The bathroom can be a very dangerous place if you do not have the proper safety and transportation products installed. Because the bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house where water is often present, individuals with mobility challenges are most likely to get injured in these tight spaces. Historically shower chairs and bath benches were designed for the elderly who are more prone to falling, but due to the rising number of bathroom injuries in the US, customers of all ages are buying and installing shower seats and bath benches both for safety and peace of mind.

      Here are the Things you Need to Know Before Buying a Shower Chair:

      • Safety
      • Accurate Measurements of your Bath and Shower
      • Research the Types of Shower Chairs & Bath Benches
      • Top 10 Shower Chairs and Bath Seats

      There are 250,000 injuries a year happen in the bathroom and a large majority of them, about two-thirds, happen while bathing and showering. Most people will experience a potential slip or fall at least once in their lifetime while showering and bathing. The good news is that bathroom injuries are preventable by accessorizing your bathroom with a shower seat, bath bench, non-slip floor pads, and grab bars. See ADA guidelines for bathroom safety space here.

      Measuring your bath or shower:
      The first thing you need to do when beginning the installation process, is to measure the inside floor of your bathtub and shower stall. Although most shower and bath seats are designed to fit into most bathtubs and showers, you may have a small bath or shower footprint which would necessitate a certain type of product, or you made need a wider seat for someone who weighs over 300 lbs.

      Bathroom and showers come in two configurations:
      • Bath and shower combined - This is when your shower and bathtub are one unit and not separate entities. In this case, you are going to need to measure the inside floor of your bathtub as well as the height of the tub “lip” you step over when entering and exiting your bathtub. Pro Tip: The standard bathtub is 23” wide and 55” long just for your reference.
      • Stand Alone shower - In this instance, you will need to measure the height of the entry step to the shower (if there is one) and the inside measurement of your shower floor. Pro Tip - Standard showers can often be as small as 32” x32”.

      Types of Shower Chairs & Bath Benches:

      • Stand Alone Shower & Bath Chairs - These types of shower chairs & bath benches are stand-alone chairs meaning they sit on four legs and are not attached to the wall for extra support.
        Best Uses: These chairs are ideal for people with some mobility limitations, but are still able to walk on their own and also for people with full mobility who want to sit in their shower or bathtub to relax.
      • Bath transfer benches are long benches that bridge over the bathtub wall. They feature two sets of legs inside the tub while the other two legs outside the tub, allowing for a user to “slide” over the tub wall and easily access the bathtub itself without having to step over the “lip” of the bathtub itself.
        Best Uses: These are for people with limited mobility and balance who are prone to slip when stepping over the bathtub wall.
      • Fixed shower chairs are shower chairs that are easily installed and attached to the wall allowing for maximum stability and most fold into the wall when not in use.
        Best Uses: The shower chairs are great for anyone wanting to sit in the shower in a super stable seat and ideal for people with limited mobility.
      • Shower and bath Tack systems are a “train track” like system for your bathroom, where a chair rolls on these tracks from the toilet to the bathtub and the shower. This eliminates all walking, lifting, or carrying and will avoid any slipping and falling. It is a super innovative and effective strategy for avoiding all slipping and falling.
        Best Uses: These types of systems are ideal for people with no mobility, have severe balance issues, and have high risk of falling when getting in or out of the bathtub.

      Here are the Top 10 Best Shower Chairs and Bath Seats

      1. Portable Bath Bench
        - Pros: This bench option comes with one handle for extra stability and at a super light weight of 4 lbs., this bench option is absolutely great for traveling.
        - Cons: This is limited in that it is for bath use only.
      2. Teak Wood Adjustable Shower & Bath Stool
        This stool features a sleek non “medical” look and is designed for both the bath and a freestanding shower. It features a round edge for a tighter fit of the individual.
        - Cons: This product does not have handles or back support.
      3. Ergonomic Chair with Back Support
        - Pros: This amazing product features an ergonomic seat and back for both the bath and a freestanding shower. It also features a cut out hand support in the seat for stability.
        - Cons: This product is free standing and has no armrests.
      4. ARC Wall Attached Shower Seat
        - Pros: This products attaches to the wall for extra support, features a padded and foldable seat, and also comes in two colors.
        - Cons: This product is unfortunately for the shower only.
      5. Padded Shower Seat with Arms
        - Pros: This product attaches to the wall for extra stability and features a padded seat that does not absorb water. It also comes with armrests, is foldable, and comes in two colors.
        - Cons: This product is unfortunately for the shower only.
      6. Medline Shower Chair with Microban
        - Pros: Medline created this product with Microban that inhibits stains and odors from bacteria. It has a comfortable backrest, features armrests, and is designed for both the bath and a freestanding shower, and has convenient holes for drainage.
      7. Invisia SerenaSeat
        - Pros: This particular product is made from beautiful bamboo, folds neatly away when not in use, and is super strong for extra stability.
        - Cons: This product does require some installation and is for the shower only.

      8. Universal Folding Sliding Transfer Bench
        - Pros: This product is the best over the tub “lip” transfer solution. It folds flat for travel and even comes with a seat belt and convenient soap dish.
        - Cons: This product is for the bath only and does not provide armrest support.
      9. Shower Buddy Toilet and Shower Transfer System
        - Pros: This product is ideal for users with limited mobility and provides little to no stress on the caregiver.
        - Cons: This particular product uses a track system which may take up space in the bedroom if it is space shared with others.
      10. Multichair Full Size Portable Shower and Toilet Transfer System
        - Pros: This product conveniently folds into a suitcase, is super lightweight, can be used for a traveling companion, and features a chair and track system for both shower and bath. 

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