Our Selection of Bathroom Safety Products

Welcome to our bath safety store. For sale below, you’ll find a variety of low-cost products designed to provide assistance to adults and seniors who have difficulty in tight spaces -- like a bathroom.

We offer various bathroom safety products for seniors. From grab bars and shower seats, to transfer benches and bath lifts, our inventory will help you maintain your hygiene with confidence and dignity - and our prices won’t break the bank!

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Bath Safety Aids and Products for Seniors

The bathroom can be a dangerous place for the elderly or the disabled. According to the National Institute on Aging (NIA), over one in three seniors above age 65 fall each year. A majority (80 percent) of these falls happen in the bathroom.

Safety in the bathroom, therefore, is necessary — especially for seniors and the disabled with mobility problems.

We provide bathroom safety aids and equipment for the elderly to help them improve stability when they’re using the shower, bathtub, or toilet. You’ll find the following products on our website:

  • Commodes – These are portable toilets placed by the bedside of a person with a mobility issue. They consist of an easily removable waste receptacle and frame.
  • Raised Toilet Seats – These seat attachments are for people who are having a hard time lowering themselves into a seated position.
  • Bathroom Wheelchair – This bathroom product is for individuals with a disability who find it impossible or difficult to make it to the lavatory. It allows users to relieve themselves while seated on the wheelchair.  
  • Shower Seats and Bath Benches – This bathroom safety equipment supports a person’s weight comfortably as they bathe or shower in slippery surroundings.
  • Grab Bars – These bathroom aids, when properly attached to the shower or bathroom wall, give the user something to hold when standing or sitting.
  • Toilet Accessories – We offer assistive bathroom products, such as wiping aids, flange tips, commode liners, absorbent pads, and replacement versaframe mounting brackets.  
  • Bathroom Transfer Systems – We have an extensive inventory of bath safety products, which include options for tub/shower transfer, toileting, and mobility.
  • Bath Lifts – These water-powered or battery-powered seats make exiting and entering the tub easy and safe. They lower the individual into the water at the start and raise him/her out of the water at the end of the bath.
  • Accessories for Baths and Showers – A few of the bathing aids we offer to seniors and persons with disabilities are bath capes, beveled edge floor mats, and shower stretcher change tables.  
  • Walk-in Tubs – Designed to fit most bathrooms, our tubs are ideal for individuals in a wheelchair and users who have mobility issues.

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