Foam Wheelchair Cushions

Foam Cushions offer an affordable option for wheelchair users. And, like their air cushions cousins, they aren't just about comfort - although comfort is a huge benefit. There are a host of health benefits provided by foam support cushions including relief from the constant pressure which can cause sores and possibly, skin breakdown.

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Foam Cushions - Compass Healthcare

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    1. 3" Thick Super Comfy Waterproof Cushion
      3" Thick Super Comfy Waterproof Cushion
      13 Reviews
      • Navy Foam Wheelchair Cushions
      • Designed for low risk patients
      • Assisting with the prevention of pressure ulcers
      Product Weight 1 lbs. - 1.5 lbs.
      Width 16" - 20"
      Cushion Type Foam
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    1 Result(s)

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