Patient Lifts

This category is devoted to patient lifts and slings, which work together to form complete patient transfer systems. Choose among our mechanical lifting devices for patients. Lifts are mechanisms used to hoist the disabled patient that needs to be moved, while slings hook up to the lift’s arm and cradle the patient during transfer.

We carry manual, power, stand up, overhead, bath, and pool lifts, along with a variety of patient slings. With offerings from top brands like Invacare, Medline, and Drive, available at affordable discount prices, you can’t go wrong! If you’re looking for a safe, efficient way to transfer the person in your care from one room or area to another, look no further.

Patient Lifts

A Patient lift and sling is an assistive device that will help a caregiver transfer a patient, with limited mobility, from the bed to a chair and back. Patient lifts are operated either by hydraulic-manual pumping or are electric motor. All our mobile patient lifts are designed to be operated by a family member at home.

We offer six types of lifts:

  • Manual Lifts - Economical, operated by caregiver with hydraulic power.
  • Fully Electric - No strain on the caregiver, good for home or institutional use.
  • Stand up Lifts - Helps patient go from sit-to-stand position, manual and electric models available.
  • Heavy Duty - 600 lbs. capacity, both hydraulic and power lifts available.
  • Swimming pool lifts - Lifts the swimmer in and out of the swimming pool with ease.
  • Bathtub lifts - allowing for easy bathing - tool free!

Patient Slings:

Patient slings are a key component when using a lift. The sling is what holds the patient and connects to the lift. Slings come in many shapes and fabrics and are designed for different support levels and uses. When ordering a sling you should consider the support needs of the patient and the activity of the patient, be it for lifting the elderly from a wheelchair or transferring them so they can go to the bathroom, bathing etc.

We offer 4 different sling types:

  • U-Sling - For patients with moderate trunk support when less support is needed. U-slings are slightly easier to be fitted to the patient when in a sitting position.
  • Full Body Slings - For maximum support, allowing the transfer of the patient in a semi reclined seating position.
  • Bathing & Toileting Slings - For bathing and toileting, these slings come with a hole for toileting and the fabric is usually mesh which allows for easy cleaning and quick drying.
  • Stand up slings - Stand up slings are to be used with the sit-to-stand patient lifts.

We carry most patient lift brands: such as Hoyer, Invacare, Medline, Drive Medical, Bestcare , Chattanooga and more.

Patient Handling Equipment for the Elderly

Lifting a patient manually can cause physical strain to carers, who can injure themselves as they try to carry patients. The situation becomes even more difficult when the person is unable to move or stand up on their own. Thus, lifts are essential to homes and healthcare facilities. Our products make lifting a person from a wheelchair so much easier.

With over 10 years of experience providing mobility equipment, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of adult patients. Use our lifting products for the elderly to overcome mobility challenges. We help you move patients safely and efficiently.

Find a lift or sling that matches your needs here. Browse our website to place your order today.