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When it comes to wheelchairs, young children have a different set of needs than adults. Aesthetically, devices designed for kids are often sleek and colorful, and functionally, they are typically lightweight and adjustable. As any parent knows, young people don’t stay the same size for long and -- since a wheelchair is a major purchase -- you don’t want a simple growth spurt to render it useless. That’s why our kids wheelchair category offers models that feature seat width and depth adjustability, elevating legrests, and other versatile features. If you’re looking for a safe, affordable mobility solution for the child in your care, you’re in the right place.

At 1800wheelchair, we carry the best kids wheelchairs from top brands like Medline, Invacare, and Drive - and our prices won’t drain your wallet! Order online or give us a call at 1-800-320-7140; our phone agents are standing by to answer any questions you may have.

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Pediatric Wheelchairs - S (15.1 - 17)

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    1. Ziggo Lightweight Wheelchair for Kids
      Ziggo Lightweight Wheelchair for Kids
      4 Reviews
      • Three bright fun kids colors
      • Wheels pop off for easy transport
      • Flip back desk length Armrest
      • Removable legrest/axle
      • Treaded PU Rear wheel
      • Solid PVC Front wheel
      Weight Capacity 150 lbs., 250 lbs.
      Product Weight 31.5 lbs. - 40.75 lbs.
      Seat Width 12" - 18"
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    2. Invacare IVC 9000 Jymni Pediatric Wheelchair
      Invacare IVC 9000 Jymni (Pediatric)
      • Adjustable front riggings
      • Durable, low-maintenance, triple chromeplated, carbon steel frame is long-lasting
      • Virtually no-maintenance, dual-sealed precision bearings
      Weight Capacity 125 lbs.
      Product Weight 31 lbs.
      Seat Width 10" - 16"
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    3. Zippie Iris Pediatric Wheelchair
      Zippie Iris Pediatric Wheelchair
      • Growth Capabilities
      • 40° or 55° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology
      Weight Capacity 225 lbs.
      Product Weight 22.80 lbs. - 35.8 lbs.
      Seat Width 10" - 18"
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    4. Zippie TS SE Pediatric Wheelchair
      Zippie TS SE Pediatric Wheelchair
      • 45° of Tilt-in-Space Technology
      • Growth Capabilities
      Weight Capacity 165 lbs.
      Product Weight 29 lbs.
      Seat Width 10" - 18"
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    5. Ziggo Pediatric Reclining Wheelchair
      Ziggo Pediatric Reclining Wheelchair
      • Mag-style QUICK RELEASE rear wheel
      • Flip-back,desk length Armrest
      • Elevating Legrests
      • Steel Frame
      Weight Capacity 150 lbs., 300 lbs.
      Seat Width 12" - 16"
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    6. Zippie GS Wheelchair
      Zippie GS Wheelchair
      • Full-length adjustable-height armrests
      • Designed to adjust to your child's growth spurts
      • Fully adjustable, universal axle plate
      Weight Capacity 165 lbs.
      Product Weight 25 lbs.
      Seat Width 10" - 18"
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    7. Zippie TS Pediatric Wheelchair
      Zippie TS Pediatric Wheelchair
      • 45° Traditional Tilt Technology
      • Available in either Folding or Rigid Frame
      • Growth Capabilities
      Weight Capacity 165 lbs.
      Product Weight 29 lbs.
      Seat Width 10" - 18"
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    7 Result(s)

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      Pediatric Wheelchairs

      Here are a few things to consider when researching a wheelchair chair for kids

      User size and weight - The size and weight of the child will dictate the seat size and the seat-to-floor height of the chair, especially if your child is growing you will want to take that into consideration. Have the child sit on a measuring tape and add an inch (or two if the child is growing) on either side to define the seat width size of the chair. Also, measure from the bend in the back of the knee to the bottom of the foot for the seat-to-floor height needed. We strongly suggest you speak with a professional to get the right measurements made.

      Chair weight - Lighter chairs allow for easier use and transport.

      Support - Some chairs like the Kanga TS Pediatric Folding Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair offer lateral support cushions and a five-point harness for children with weak upper torso control.

      Travel - If you child will be going on a school bus, we strongly suggest a wheelchair that has been crash tested for bus transit. Transit tie-downs that are often required when traveling on a school bus or van.

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