Portable Mobility Scooters

Portable mobility scooters (sometimes referred to as travel scooters) are a great option for anyone on the go. They are practical and portable, especially if you’re fond of downtown trips or frequent travels. Our mobile scooters for the elderly make it possible for you to achieve an active, comfortable lifestyle

Many of the models in this category are foldable, while others disassemble completely, leaving several smaller, lighter parts. When compared with our heavy duty offerings, these scooters tend to be more compact and lightweight, but may struggle when attempting to traverse rougher terrain.Nevertheless, they are easy to maneuver and are extremely useful when navigating tight spaces.

As a motorized scooter designed for your convenience, our products are lightweight transport options perfect for traversing short distances.

Portable / Travel - Up to 7.5 miles

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    1. Featherweight Scooter Lightest Electric Scooter 37 lbs
      Featherweight Scooter - Lightest Electric Scooter 37 lbs.
      17 Reviews
      • World's lightweight foldable & portable scooter!
      • Airline approved electric scooter
      • Folds and opens in only 2 seconds
      • Easily fits into any car
      Weight Capacity265 lbs.
      Product Weight37 lbs.
      Seat Width15"
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