Boris Shower Commode Chair

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While not all footrest options are available on all chairs, there are three typical styles of leg/foot rests:

1. Swing-away, Removable Foot Rests swing aside to allow easy access in and out of the chair as well as unobstructed use with tables and desks. Removable footrests also help to make the wheelchair more manageable when traveling.

2. Elevating Leg Rests are used when better circulation is needed or there is limited mobility in the leg. They raise the foot, straightening the leg. A calf pad is usually included.

3. Fixed Riggings are attached to the wheelchair frame and are not collapsible or removable, but the height of the footplate can be adjusted to the proper fitting.

For optimum comfort and safety, leg rests should provide a proper foundation for the legs and feet. The bottom thigh area should be fully supported by the seat while the soles of the feet are supported by the foot rests.

Discomfort, stress and poor posture can be caused when the legs and feet are left hanging without the support they need or when the foot rests are too high. Poorly fitted leg rests can have a destablizing effect on the chair, making it more difficult to push and navigate due to improper weight distribution.

Removable and fixed footrests are available at different angles depending on the users needs. A lesser angle allows the feet to extend further in front of the wheelchair for people who do not bend well at the knees. It also allows the heels of the feet to avoid the wheels when using larger diameter casters. A higher angle will bring the feet closer to your body and the wheelchair, shortening the overall wheelbase, allowing the wheelchair to turn in tighter spaces.

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The Boris Shower Commode Chair offers comfort and safety for children and adults, who have complex support requirements, when showering and toileting. The tilt-in-space feature allows the seat to be adjusted to different angles to enable easier access when showering. The anatomically shaped seat offers excellent support and comfort to the user and the head and optional supports provide additional safety. The stainless steel construction ensures a quality and robust finish, while the polyethylene seat and optional removable cushions can be easily cleaned.


  • Robust and easy-care sub-frame made of stainless steel
  • Height adjustable seat pan
  • Easy adjustable seat angle
  • Adjustable height to fit most toilets
  • 4" Lockable castors
  • The anatomically moulded, deep seat pan
  • Available in five different sizes
  • Free Shipping


Product Specifications

Weight Capacity132 lbs. - 330 lbs.
Seat Width10" - 20"
Axle TypeFixed
0- Weight Capacity132 lbs.
0- Seat Width at front12″
0- Seat Width at the rear10″
0- Seat Depth12″
0- Back Height19″
0- Seat Angle5° - 30°
0- Can be positioned over a toilet18.3″ - 22.2″
0- Overall Width21.8″
0- Overall Length25.3″
0- Max. lower leg length14.8″
0- Front opening width4″
0- Rear Opening width4.7″
1- Weight Capacity176 lbs.
1- Seat Width at front14″
1- Seat Width at the rear12″
1- Seat Depth14″
1- Back Height20″
1- Seat Angle5° - 30°
1- Can be positioned over a toilet17.5″ - 21.5″
1- Overall Width23.8″
1- Overall Length25.3″
1- Max. lower leg length14.8″″
1- Front opening width4″
1- Rear Opening width4.7″
2- Weight Capacity220 lbs.
2- Seat Width at front16″
2- Seat Width at the rear14″
2- Seat Depth16″
2- Back Height21.8″
2- Seat Angle5° - 30°
2- Can be positioned over a toilet16.3″ - 20.2″
2- Overall Width24.5″
2- Overall Length25.3″
2- Max. lower leg length18.7″
2- Front opening width4″
2- Rear Opening width5.3″
3- Weight Capacity220 lbs.
3- Seat Width at front18″
3- Seat Width at the rear16″
3- Seat Depth18″
3- Back Height23.7″
3- Seat Angle5° - 30°
3- Can be positioned over a toilet16.3″ - 20.2″
3- Overall Width27.8″
3- Overall Length27.3″
3- Max. lower leg length18.7″
3- Front opening width4″
3- Rear Opening width5.3″
4- Weight Capacity330 lbs.
4- Seat Width at front20″
4- Seat Width at the rear18″″
4- Seat Depth18.7″
4- Back Height25.3″
4- Seat Angle5° - 30°
4- Can be positioned over a toilet16.3″ - 20.2″
4- Overall Width28.8″
4- Overall Length27.3″
4- Max. lower leg length18.7″
4- Front opening width4″
4- Rear Opening width5.3″


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