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While not all footrest options are available on all chairs, there are three typical styles of leg/foot rests:

1. Swing-away, Removable Foot Rests swing aside to allow easy access in and out of the chair as well as unobstructed use with tables and desks. Removable footrests also help to make the wheelchair more manageable when traveling.

2. Elevating Leg Rests are used when better circulation is needed or there is limited mobility in the leg. They raise the foot, straightening the leg. A calf pad is usually included.

3. Fixed Riggings are attached to the wheelchair frame and are not collapsible or removable, but the height of the footplate can be adjusted to the proper fitting.

For optimum comfort and safety, leg rests should provide a proper foundation for the legs and feet. The bottom thigh area should be fully supported by the seat while the soles of the feet are supported by the foot rests.

Discomfort, stress and poor posture can be caused when the legs and feet are left hanging without the support they need or when the foot rests are too high. Poorly fitted leg rests can have a destablizing effect on the chair, making it more difficult to push and navigate due to improper weight distribution.

Removable and fixed footrests are available at different angles depending on the users needs. A lesser angle allows the feet to extend further in front of the wheelchair for people who do not bend well at the knees. It also allows the heels of the feet to avoid the wheels when using larger diameter casters. A higher angle will bring the feet closer to your body and the wheelchair, shortening the overall wheelbase, allowing the wheelchair to turn in tighter spaces.

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It's important for the wheelchair to be fitted properly and be as narrow as possible while maintaining comfort and safety.

This will insure the best performance for navigating tight areas both inside the home as well out in public spaces.

A wheelchair that is too narrow or too wide can cause discomfort. When too narrow, a wheelchair can become restrictive and increase the likelihood of pressure sores, while when it's too wide, becomes more difficult to push due to the angle of the arms from the shoulders to the wheels.

To determine the necessary seat width, measure the rider's widest area of the body and add one inch. This will allow for optimum seat width while maintaining ideal usability, comfort and safety.

To determine the appropriate seat depth, measure from the back of a chair to the inside of your knee. Subtract one inch to assure no contact is made between the edge of the wheelchair seat and the inside of your leg, which could cause discomfort and prevent the rider from sitting back fully in the chair.

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Rear wheels are critical to the performance of a wheelchair.

There are typically three types of tires:

1. Pneumatic (air-filled) tires provide a softer ride, but need to be kept inflated. Because pneumatic tires are softer than urethane tires, they are harder to push, with more resistance to the shoulders.

2. Pneumatic Flat Free (foam-filled) tires provide a stiffer ride compared to air-filled tires, and will never go flat.

3. Urethane (solid, flat-free) tires provide the quickest and stiffest ride. And they will not go flat.

Tire Tread also affects the wheelchair ride. Tires with very little tread offer a quicker ride and turn more easily because there is less rubber in contact with the ground, causing less friction. "Knobby" tires with deep treads are helpful on unpaved and rougher surfaces, yet offer less maneuverability. A 1 3/8" treaded tire is a good basic tread for everyday use.

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Quick Overview

  • FREE Elevating Legrests or Swing-away Legrests! Your choice!
  • FREE gifts: Cell Phone Holder, Rear Basket, Cup Holder, Armrest Bag, Travel Case, Seat Belt & Powerchair Cover! All FREE!
  • Captain's seat comes standard
  • Adjustable head rest and armrests
  • Batteries and charger included
  • Free shipping


The all-new Golden Compass Heavy Duty Powerchair offers users a stable, center-wheel drive platform and an articulating chassis for stability over tough terrain. A bigger, beefier version of the popular Compass, the Compass HD has a 450 lb. weight capacity yet boasts a modest 20" turning radius. The Compass HD comes standard with a grey captain's seat with an exclusive fold-flat seat hinge design for easy transport.

Like the standard Golden Compass, the Compass HD features front and rear height adjustable seat posts, padded flip-up armrests, an easy-to-use sliding seat bracket, and a fully-adjustable footplate. Experience how the Golden Compass HD can transport you to places you've never dreamed!


  • Standard two-tone captain's seat with our exclusive fold-flat seat hinge design
  • Exclusive slide seat mechanism for easy seat removal and attachment
  • Adjustable headrest and armrests
  • 75 amp peak Dynamic Shark controller standard
  • Off-board charger

Airline approval of this product is dependent on using the original manufacturer’s battery only. Battery replacements and non-original equipment may not meet FDA approval for airline travel. Always contact your airline prior to travel for directions and more information specific to your flight.


Product Specifications

Weight Capacity 450 lbs.
Product Weight 226 lbs.
Heaviest piece 101 lbs.
Seat Width 16" - 24"
Seat Depth 16" - 20"
Seat-to-Floor Height 17.5"
Overall Width 25"
Overall Length 40"
Ground Clearance 3.5"
Front Wheel Size 6"
Mid Wheel Size 10"
Rear Wheel Size 6"
Turning Radius 20"
Max Speed 4 mph
Driving Range 12 Miles
Number of Batteries Included 2 Lead Acid
Battery Type 12V 24Ah
Battery Weight 74 lbs.
Warranty on Frame Five Year Limited
Warranty on Electronics Thirteen Months Limited
Warranty on Batteries One Year Limited
Base weight 90 lbs.
Seat weight (captain's / van/pan) 35 lbs. / 33 lbs.
Armrests 14 lbs.
Total weight (captain's / van/pan) 207
Overall width 25″
Seat height from ground (captain's / van/pan) 20.5″ / 19″
Recline angle 96° - 115°
Range 12 miles
Drive wheels 10″ x 3.5″
Casters 6″ x 2″
Height adjustable footrests Yes
Angle adjustable footrests Yes
Length adjustable footrests Yes
Controller GP-620 Standard
Charger Off-board
Battery (2) 12 V NF22
Warranty One Year In-Home Service Contract


Return Policy

All Golden Technologies products are classified as Class II medical devices, because of this, the item can only be returned due to manufacturer defect even if unused once the product has arrived at the customer's home. If the item is canceled before or during shipping there is a 20% restocking fee and any freight charges incurred (both outbound and inbound) will not be refunded.

If you have questions about this item please call 1-800-320-7140


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FREE Rear Basket

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FREE Armrest Bag

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