Handi-Grip Portable Grab Bar

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Customize & Buy

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Use the Handi-Grip portable grab bar for assistance anywhere in your home or while traveling. The strong suction adheres to most smooth surfaces. Attach a Handi-Grip portable grab bar in the bath for extra support when exiting the tub or use as a temporary towel bar or to place the toilet paper in a more convenient location. Attach it directly to your tub for help while bathing. Use Handi-Grip portable grab bar near your favorite chair for extra assistance when standing, or on a stairwell for an aid climbing steps.

Because the Hand-Grip portable grab bar is not screwed into the surface, they are perfect for renters, traveling or visiting. You can easily attach a Handi-Grip portable grab bar to marble, glass or tile, surfaces that may be damaged by drilling holes. Take your grab bar when staying in hotels or as a guest in a friend's home. It quickly attaches to a wall and just as quickly comes off to pack in your suitcase. The Handi-Grip Portable Grab Bar eliminates hiring a contractor for installation. Use a portable grab bar to help determine the best location for a permanent grab bar without drilling trial holes.


  • Portable, quickly and easily installed and removed
  • Telescoping bar for one or two-handed grip
  • Large lever for easy release
  • Easily attaches to most smooth surfaces


Product Specifications

Small Bar Weight Capacity 187.4 lbs.
Medium Bar Weight Capacity 187.4 lbs.
Large Bar Weight Capacity 187.4 lbs.
Extra Large Bar Weight Capacity 176.4 lbs.
Small Bar Overall Length 17″-21.4″
Medium Bar Overall Length 21.8″-26.7″
Large Bar Overall Length 25.7″-30.6″
Extra Large Bar Overall Length 34.5″-39.3″


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