Invacare Top End Pro Tennis Wheelchair

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Customize & Buy

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It's important for the wheelchair to be fitted properly and be as narrow as possible while maintaining comfort and safety.

This will insure the best performance for navigating tight areas both inside the home as well out in public spaces.

A wheelchair that is too narrow or too wide can cause discomfort. When too narrow, a wheelchair can become restrictive and increase the likelihood of pressure sores, while when it's too wide, becomes more difficult to push due to the angle of the arms from the shoulders to the wheels.

To determine the necessary seat width, measure the rider's widest area of the body and add one inch. This will allow for optimum seat width while maintaining ideal usability, comfort and safety.

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While not all footrest options are available on all chairs, there are three typical styles of leg/foot rests:

1. Swing-away, Removable Foot Rests swing aside to allow easy access in and out of the chair as well as unobstructed use with tables and desks. Removable footrests also help to make the wheelchair more manageable when traveling.

2. Elevating Leg Rests are used when better circulation is needed or there is limited mobility in the leg. They raise the foot, straightening the leg. A calf pad is usually included.

3. Fixed Riggings are attached to the wheelchair frame and are not collapsible or removable, but the height of the footplate can be adjusted to the proper fitting.

For optimum comfort and safety, leg rests should provide a proper foundation for the legs and feet. The bottom thigh area should be fully supported by the seat while the soles of the feet are supported by the foot rests.

Discomfort, stress and poor posture can be caused when the legs and feet are left hanging without the support they need or when the foot rests are too high. Poorly fitted leg rests can have a destablizing effect on the chair, making it more difficult to push and navigate due to improper weight distribution.

Removable and fixed footrests are available at different angles depending on the users needs. A lesser angle allows the feet to extend further in front of the wheelchair for people who do not bend well at the knees. It also allows the heels of the feet to avoid the wheels when using larger diameter casters. A higher angle will bring the feet closer to your body and the wheelchair, shortening the overall wheelbase, allowing the wheelchair to turn in tighter spaces.

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Measure from the front of back post at the seat tube to the center of the rear axle.Less
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Camber Angle is the off-vertical tilt of the rear wheels. It is adjusted to control maneuverability, speed and stability.

The greater the camber angle, the further the distance between the bottom of the rear wheels and the closer the distance between the top of the wheels. Increasing the camber angle provides the rider with increased maneuverability and stability, but also increases the overall width of the wheelchair.

Typically 0-3 degrees of camber is considered standard for everyday use to accommodate narrow doorways and aisles. A higher camber angle is useful for sporting activities such as basketball where added stability and maneuverability is desired.

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Rear wheels are critical to the performance of a wheelchair.

There are typically three types of tires:

1. Pneumatic (air-filled) tires provide a softer ride, but need to be kept inflated. Because pneumatic tires are softer than urethane tires, they are harder to push, with more resistance to the shoulders.

2. Pneumatic Flat Free (foam-filled) tires provide a stiffer ride compared to air-filled tires, and will never go flat.

3. Urethane (solid, flat-free) tires provide the quickest and stiffest ride. And they will not go flat.

Tire Tread also affects the wheelchair ride. Tires with very little tread offer a quicker ride and turn more easily because there is less rubber in contact with the ground, causing less friction. "Knobby" tires with deep treads are helpful on unpaved and rougher surfaces, yet offer less maneuverability. A 1 3/8" treaded tire is a good basic tread for everyday use.

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To determine a chair's back height, measure from the seat upholstery (at the seat rail) to the top of the back upholstery.Less
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Quick Overview

  • 6061 aluminum fully welded base frame
  • Variety of camber angles for maximum stability and control


Invacare's Top End Pro Tennis Wheelchair comes in either a tall or short frame height, allowing users the comfort of selecting the configuration that works best for them.

It's the ideal weapon for the modern-day athlete and features an array of highly-customizable options that make getting around the tennis or basketball court a snap. The chair, weighing just 21 lbs., features a fully welded aluminum base frame and a fixed camber, providing athletes with the stability and control they need during the game.

But what sets this chair apart from every other tennis chair on the market today is the super quick adjustability. With Invacare's exclusive quick release rear seat height adjustment system, users can easily change settings between matches as they see fit. Backed by a three year warranty, the chair also features a weight capacity of 250 lbs.


  • 6061 aluminum fully welded base frame
  • Available in tall or short frame
  • Variety of camber angles for maximum stability and control
  • Key sport configurations are easy and quick to adjust
  • High performance wheels with high pressure tires and aluminum handrims
  • Platform footrest that adjusts in height, angle, fore/aft
  • Weight capacity of 250 lbs.
  • Free shipping


Product Specifications

Weight Capacity250 lbs.
Product Weight21 lbs.
Seat Width12" - 20"
Seat Depth12" - 18"
Seat-to-Floor Height15" - 21"
Overall Width 20" - 28"
Overall Length40"
Overall Height 30"
Frame ColorBlack - Yellow
Front Wheel Size 3"
Rear Wheel Size24" - 26"
Axle TypeQuick Release
Back Height9" - 18"
Upholstery TypeNylon
Upholstery ColorBlack
Warranty on Frame Three Year Limited
Warranty on Wearable PartsOne Year Limited
Shipping Weight35 lbs.
Box Length38"
Box Width23"
Box Height23"
Weight21 lbs.
Front Seat Height17″ - 21″
Rear Seat Height13″ - 21″
Camber Angle15°, 18°, 20°
Adjustable Axle Position3.5″ - 6″
WarrantyThree year warranty on frame. Limited one year warranty on parts.


Return Policy

We're sorry, but we can not accept returns on this item, as it is "built to order."

See our full return policy here.


Frame Color


Rear Wheel Type



Clamp-on Fixed aluminum Side Guards

Black Spoke Guards

Clear Spoke Guards

2" Soft Cushion

3" Soft Cushion

2" Hard Cushion

3" Hard Cushion

4" Hard Cushion

Rear Frame Protectors

Large Click Strap, 12"

Medium Click Strap, 10"

Small Click Strap, 8"

Metal O-Ring Positioning Belt

Antimicrobial & Water-Resistant Dual-Chamber Gel Cushion

Antimicrobial & Water-Resistant Dual-Chamber Gel Cushion