Acrylic Walk-in Tub 55" x 30" x 38"

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Customize & Buy



Quick Overview

  • Left Drain
  • Soaker
  • Walk In Bath
  • High grade cast white acrylic
  • Double drained bathtub


The Acrylic Walk In Tub soaker is designed to fulfill the need for a smaller walk in bath. The acrylic walk in tub offers a removable rubber backrest, the ability to lower the step in threshold, and a sleek chrome finish 5 piece faucet with a pull out hand shower. This walk in bathtub also comes standard with a textured slip resistant floor and two safety grab bars.

The acrylic walk in tub is equipped with two 2″ drains, two overflows, and two stainless steel operated openers, instead of one 1 ½” bathtub drain and a single overflow. Each dial-style drain opener has an ADA compatible extension handle for easier gripping and turning, specifically designed for bathers with weaker hands. Both 2” drains are supplied with custom designed PVC elbow connectors, allowing for easy T connection to the 1 ½” house drain. This unique assembly of two 2” gravity drains and two overflows connected into standard 1 ½” house drain allows for air pocket relief, ensuring fast gravity draining in approximately 80 seconds (with ideal plumbing conditions.)

The acrylic walk in tub are constructed of the highest grade cast white acrylic, with an easy to clean gloss finish that is reinforced with fiberglass. The shell is supported by a stainless steel frame and leveling legs for ease and durability during installation. The supporting frame as well as the Toe Kick Access Panel allow for simple above the floor drain installation, convenient access to the underside of the tub, and the ability to lower the threshold for easier step in access. The Premium models also come with two front access panels, an end panel, and a wall extension kit to fit our tubs into a standard 60 in.opening

This item requires professional installation by a licensed contractor. 1800wheelchair does not offer installation. Prior to purchase, we strongly suggest you consult with a contractor to ensure that this tub can be installed in your home.


  • Anti Slip Floor
  • Water Capacity: 90 gallons (unoccupied)
  • Built in Safety Grab Bar
  • Removable Access Panels
  • Trimmable Wall Extensions Kit to fit in Standard 60" Opening
  • With two 2" floor drains
  • With 2 overflows
  • 2 ADA compliant stainless steel cable operated openers
  • With extension handles
  • Drainage time is approximately 80 seconds to overflow
  • 5 year parts warranty
  • Lifetime Warranty on Walk in Tub Door, Seal and Stainless Steel Frame
  • 25 Year Warranty on Tub Body not to Crack, Peel or Discolor


Product Specifications

Length 55"
Width 29.5"
Height 38"
Package Length 59"
Package Width 34"
Package Height 46"
Package Weight 320 lbs
Shipping Method LTL


Return Policy

Returns Policy

Unfortunately, we can not accept returns on this product. Items damaged during delivery or sent incorrectly will be fixed or replaced at’s expense.

See our full return policy here.


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