UPnRIDE Standing Outdoor Electric Wheelchair

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Quick Overview

  • Innovative power wheelchair including all features (legs and back movement and adjustments, tilt & recline
  • Full standing by single button command & Easy and safe mobility (also outdoors) in standing position
  • High sitting & ridding (also outdoors) in high sitting position
  • Auto-balancing system to assure always safe driving even on slopes and uneven surfaces
  • The only FDA Approved wheelchair device that allows outdoor mobility in standing position
  • FREE In-home Delivery, Set up, and Training


UPnRIDE is a wheeled robotic device, providing upright and seated mobility both for wheelchair users, and for anyone who is unable to, or has difficulty standing or walking. the automatic balancing feature allows you to ride the wheelchair uphill, downhill, and on slanted surfaces, whether it is in a standing or sitting position. Standing up vertically helps counterbalance the impact of prolonged sitting. It can enhance your health and enable functional activities. It can effectively reduce secondary complications pf long-term sitting, lowering the need for hospitalization, medications, and physiotherapy. It will be a significant saving for health insurers, users, and their families.

    Accessories included with the Electric Wheelchair
  • Lithium- Ion Battery Charger
  • 1 Lithium-Ion battery
  • ROLKO Brand Air-pad cushion (17.7" X 17.7" X 3")
  • UPnRIDE Backrest Cushion
  • UPnRIDE Knee Blocks
  • Invacare Brand Desk Length Armrest Pad BLACK BASE - 9" LONG
  • AirLogic Brand chest support one-piece with closure


  • Max Speed 3.73 mph (sitting position) and 2.8 mph (standing position).
  • 22.37 miles minimum for two batteries (11.19 miles minimum for one battery )
  • Total Height of 39.76"(sitting position ) and 64.56"(upright position ) Maximum
  • Total Length of 46.85" (sitting position ) and 41.34" (upright position )
  • 18.3-17.71" Lower Leg Length
  • Supports disabled users with jointed braces and harnessing straps
  • Stable even on slopes with auto-balancing and unchanged center of gravity
  • In any urban environment, safety is ensured while standing, sitting, and shifting between positions
  • Slender, robust design for easy maneuverability
  • R-NET (PG/ Curtiss Wright ) Control System
  • Adjustable Back rest angle
  • Adjustable Leg to seat angle

Airline approval of this product is dependent on using the original manufacturer’s battery only. Battery replacements and non-original equipment may not meet FDA approval for airline travel. Always contact your airline prior to travel for directions and more information specific to your flight.


Manuals & Warranties

Product Specifications

Weight Capacity 265 lbs.
Seat Width 17.16"
Seat Depth 15.35" - 17.71"
Overall Length 41.34", 46.85"
Overall Height 39.76", 64.56"
Ground Clearance 1.97"
Turning Radius 32.28"
Max Speed 2.8 mph, 3.73 mph
Driving Range 11.19 Miles, 22.37 Miles


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Returns Policy

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Manuals & Warranties


Chest Support

Karman HR-FLD-305 Universal Foldable Headrest

Karman HR-FLD-305 Universal Foldable Headrest

Seat Belt

Seat Belt