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Best Wheelchairs List

This is our best-of list. Over the years, we've learned that there is no one perfect wheelchair for every situation, so we broke out our suggestions by category. We looked at features, product reviews, price points and customer feedback. We plan to update this list as we identify new categories and find new products. Click here to see the best-of list.

medicare and insurance info

Medicare & Insurance Info does not bill Medicare or insurance companies and therefore does not accept Medicare or Insurance as payment. We suggest you contact them directly to find out eligibility requirements. Click here for more info

wheelchair cost

How Much Does a Wheelchair Cost?

The price of wheelchairs usually ranges from a few hundred dollars into the thousands. The cost of the wheelchair is higher if you choose a top brand or a chair with advanced features, such as manual versus electric. If you’re in the market for a wheelchair, you’ll need to understand your specific needs for buying that product.

How to Fold and Unfold a Wheelchair

How to Open & Close a Standard Wheelchair

Check out our three videos on how to fold, how to unfold and how to remove a quick-release wheel. We took the time to outline these three (seemingly) simple processes in three short videos. Click here to see the how to fold and unfold videos

Flying On Airplane with a Wheelchair

Travelling With Your Wheelchair by Plane

Here's a definitive guide to travelling when you need a wheelchair. We cover tips from trip preparation through to landing at the destination and beyond. We cover travelling with a battery-powered wheelchair and a manual wheelchair. Click here to read the article with tips on how to fly with a wheelchair.

How To Fit a Wheelchair

Wheelchair Sizing Guide - How to Fit a Wheelchair

Here you'll find a comprehensive guide to fitting a wheelchair. We cover all the basics. Plus, advanced options that you'll only find on high-end custom wheelchairs like Quickie, Tilite, & Colours. Read how who to fit a person to a wheelchair.

wheelchair tools

How Wide Does a Doorway Need to be for a Wheelchair?

Whether you are a wheelchair user yourself, or someone trying to make your business or home more accessible, knowing how wide a doorway needs to be is crucial. Click here for more info.

Wheelchair weight info

How Much Does a Wheelchair Weigh

Consider your lifestyle, how often you might transport your wheelchair, and who will have to lift it into a car’s trunk. If you or your caregiver are not particularly stronger, a lighter wheelchair might fit your needs perfectly. Click here for more info

buying guide

Wheelchair Buying Guide

Looking for the basics of wheelchair buying? We have a break down here. Read our detailed guide on wheelchair buying here.

lift chair buying guide

Lift Chair Buying Guide

Looking for the basics of lift chair buying guide? We have a break down here. Read our detailed guide on lift chair buying here.

wheelchair tools

Wheelchair Assembly

How To Assemble a Wheelchair - Out of the Box Assembly Click here for more info.

wheelchair tools

Wheelchair Serial Number Location

Looking For Parts? We need your wheelchair's serial number. Click here for more info.

wheelchair tools

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