How to Fold a (Manual) Wheelchair

All manual wheelchairs and transport wheelchairs fold down for easy transport - the vast majority fold the same way!* Check out the videos below for more information.

How To Fold A Wheelchair

How To Fold A Wheelchair

  1. Activate the wheel locks
  2. Stand beside the chair.
  3. Grip the front and back of the seat with each hand and pull up.
  4. The chair will collapse inward like an accordion.

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How To Unfold A Wheelchair

  1. Place the chair on a firm surface and stand in front of it.
  2. Using both hands, push down on both sides of the inside seat (rail).
  3. Make sure the chair “locks” into place.
  4. The seat should be flat with the side seat poles firmly placed in the frame groove.



How to Fold A Wheelchair Seat Back

Some wheelchairs and transport chairs have a feature that allows you to fold the back of the chair for storage and travel.

On the back of the chair, along the side poles (near the halfway mark), there are levers that allow the chair to be folded down. Press on these to levers to release the back from its locked position. When returning the back to a seating position, make sure it is locked into place.



How to Remove a Wheelchair's Quick Release Axle Wheels

For wheelchairs that come with Quick Release Axle Wheels, the wheels can be removed with these easy steps:  

  1. Press the center of the wheel with your thumb.
  2. While pressing, pull the wheel outward.
  3. The wheel should come loose in your hands.

When putting the wheels back on the chair, follow the same steps in the opposite order.

Note: the center of the wheel must be pressed to remove or replace the wheel.



*Rigid frame wheelchairs fold slightly different from basic wheelchairs. With a rigid wheelchair frame, remove the wheels and fold the back down for easy transport and storage.