Welcome to Spring '14 Scholarship

Topic: Please submit a 'visual poem', in a style of your choosing, on the theme of overcoming a personal challenge.

Kayla Truewell
Florida State University




Humorous how one word can mean the difference of living in reality or falling for the facades.

How one word can be as powerful as a revolver,

How it can shoot and maneuver its way through all the nooks and crevices of ones body,

Through the sections of your brain that decipher reality and the make-believe.

How it can bury itself in your soul and cause so much damage,

How it can cause you to lose all emotion and feeling,

Lose your freedom of words,

Make you feel latent to any devastation occurring around you.

One can acquire a comfortable placement with this word,

But it is a disastrous road to travel. ..

At ease with this word during good times can be helpful,

But when one has become too content during devastation,

It wreaks havoc.

Being complacent with personal problems caused by close knit drama is risky,

I should know...

Being that I’ve lived the personal toll that contentment can take,

Making you subjective to the world you live in…

You lose yourself,

Forgetting who you are, who you were and who you wish to become,

Lost among the black holes and nebulas that contain the solid truth…


    Humorous how a simple letter word can mean the difference of living in reality or falling for the facades