The Best Transport Wheelchairs

Mobility, Comfort, Versatility -The Best Transport Wheelchairs You Need to Know About

When purchasing a transport wheelchair, it is crucial to pick a model that delivers the appropriate level of comfort and mobility. Choosing one without keeping these factors in mind can result in an uncomfortable experience every time you have to move around.

You also have to remember the wheelchair’s weight, weight capacity, design, portability, accessories, and most importantly, the wheels. Luckily for you, 1800Wheelchair has some of the best transport wheelchairs on the market. Here, we’ve picked out 4 that you need to know about.

Top 4 Best Transport Wheelchairs of 2022

1. Medline Ultralight Transport Mobility Wheelchair

The Medline Ultralight Transport Mobility Wheelchair is a good solution for those who need to store their wheelchair when not in use. The chair is built to carry up to 300 pounds, so its aluminum structure is strong despite being the lightest on the list.

This model also features bigger 8-inch rear wheels, making it easier to reverse the chair or change directions. The shorter arms let you sit closer to a table, which makes it quite practical for dining out.

The Medline Ultralight includes attachments, such as a cup holder with a clip, hand grips, and a seatbelt.

2. NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair

The NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair is a good alternative if you’re searching for a high-end transport wheelchair that can cross virtually any terrain. It is foldable and includes a fold-down back with a rapid release and cushioned, full-length arms for enhanced comfort.

This chair is fitted with locking brakes on the rear wheels, anti-tip devices, and a flexible seatbelt since it is meant for usage on more difficult terrain.

This chair easily collapses thanks to its quick-release fold-down function and folding footrests. Additionally, the armrests pop up, making it simpler to rise from a desk.

3. Expedition Lightweight 12″ Rear Wheel Transport Chair

The Drive Medical Expedition Transport Chair has wide 12″ rear wheels for easy mobility and weighs only 19 pounds. A lever on the chair’s back makes it easy to collapse the chair for transport and/or storage.

The lightweight, robust powder-coated aluminum frame is paired with a lightweight nylon upholstered seat. This chair is distinguished from others in its category thanks to its 300-pound weight capability. Included for further safety are a seatbelt and hand brake.

4. Quickie Xenon Folding Wheelchair

The Quickie Xenon FF is an exceptionally sturdy folding wheelchair frame that weighs as low as 19.4 pounds.

What’s more, this wheelchair is simple to fold, load, and travel around on and features an updated cross-brace and axle stem. The front frame’s swing-away design facilitates standing transfers into and out of the wheelchair.

Final Thoughts

Wheelchair users and other adults with limited mobility can benefit greatly from a supportive transport wheelchair that is easy to use and store. Wheelchair users have different ideas about what features are most important to them.

Luckily, there are products on the market that can meet the needs of a wide range of people. If you’re looking for a transport wheelchair that suits your needs, you don’t have to look in 10 different places. Instead, head on over to 1800Wheelchair, where you’ll find wheelchairs from all the best brands on the market.