Black And Blue Featherweight Wheelchair

The Different Types of Wheelchairs Explained

The wheelchair industry has expanded tremendously, with various designs and functionalities introduced in different wheelchairs to satisfy clients’ varying needs. Choosing a wheelchair might seem overwhelming if you are unsure which one best suits your needs. To make selecting a wheelchair smoother, we have compiled a comprehensive overview of different types of wheelchairs.

The list also includes details about the featherweight wheelchair known as the world’s lightest wheelchair, so keep reading to learn more about it.

The Different Types of Wheelchairs Explained

Before we get into the different types of wheelchairs, it’s important to understand that they’re divided into categories and subcategories based on their types and features. Here are three different categories of wheelchairs:

  • Manual Wheelchairs
  • Power Wheelchairs
  • Transport Wheelchairs

Let’s discuss a few wheelchairs from each category to understand what sets these wheelchairs apart. If you are tired of operating and lugging around heavy and uncomfortable wheelchairs, this selection of economical, lightweight wheelchairs is the answer to all your problems.

Manual Wheelchairs

1. Lightweight Wheelchairs

13.5 Lbs. Featherweight Wheelchair

The featherweight wheelchair is the world’s lightest wheelchair, weighing only 13.5 lbs. Anyone can effortlessly raise the wheelchair, fold it up, and conveniently store it in the back of their car. The wheelchair was designed with safety in mind, including a wheel lock that stops it from sliding forward or backward. The wheelchair comes with green, blue, and red seat choices, allowing you to ride in style.

Click here for more information on the featherweight wheelchair.

2. Standard Weight

Invacare Tracer EX2 Wheelchair (36lbs.)

The Invacare manual wheelchair establishes a high standard for manual wheelchairs. It offers the choice of a removable full-length or desk-length armchair. The carbon steel frame is long-lasting. The hemi seat floor length height makes it easier for users to operate the wheelchair, and the wheel locks keep you safe.

Click here for further information on the Invacare Tracer wheelchair.

3. Reclining Back

Probasics Reclining Manual Wheelchair

The ProBasics reclining wheelchair allows users to recline from 90 to 160-degree angles. It has a 13-inch-long headrest that gives maximum comfort. If you have difficulty getting out of your wheelchair, recline it and relax comfortably on it. A chip-resistant and long-lasting silver varnish protect its frame. These lightweight wheelchairs come with wheels positioned back on the frame to prevent the user from tipping over while reclining.

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4. Heavy Duty

Featherweight Wide Seat HD Wheelchair

The featherweight wide seat HD wheelchair is the most lightweight heavy-duty wheelchair to date. A 22-inch broad seat makes sitting on the feather weight wide seat HD wheelchair pleasant. It also weighs only 22 lbs. and has a 350lb capacity. If you have used wheelchairs for some time, you must know how heavy-duty wheelchairs are extremely heavy.

Hence, to make it easier to transport a wheelchair and load it into a car, we created this fantastic wheelchair that only weighs 22 lbs. and has a capacity of 250 lbs. The pop-off wheels also allow you to reduce the weight even further. The weight of the wheelchair is only 15 lbs. when the wheels are removed.

With a full-length armrest and a swing-away footrest, you can move around in the wheelchair and sit for long periods without becoming uncomfortable.

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5. Rigid Ultra-Light Weight

Quickie 5r (Lightweight Wheelchair)

If you are looking for rigid and lightweight wheelchairs, the quickie 5R is one of the ideal options. The Quickie 5R is made to adjust to any environment. It comes with two options: a traditional frame and a shortened performance frame length. The color can be customized from 25 unique color options.

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6. Sport Wheelchairs

Quickie Titanium Match Point Wheelchair

The Quickie Titanium tennis wheelchair has a lightweight frame that allows users to maneuver and move at the pace demanded for playing tennis. The strong caster wheels prevent speed and mobility from being consumed by the wheels. The titanium frame is robust and durable, and it will last you many games without being harmed. The wheelchair can accommodate users weighing up to 250 lbs.

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7. Beach Wheelchairs

Mobi-Chair (Floating Beach Wheel Chair)

The Mobi chair is a revolutionary beach chair that provides mobility assistance to individuals with injuries or other forms of impaired movement to enjoy the beach. The wheelchair has pneumatic tires that make it easier to maneuver in beach environments.

The steal is noncorrosive, and the wheelchair has a marine-grade aluminum body, making it long-lasting and sturdy. It is also one of the lightest wheelchairs available, and the quick-release components make it simple to disassemble and transport.

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8. Pediatric Wheelchairs

Ziggo Lightweight Wheelchair (For Kids)

Lightweight wheelchairs are ideal for children since they allow them to move freely without managing a bulky wheelchair. The chair weighs only 28 lbs. without the pop-off wheels. The wheelchair is designed to meet the needs of children with various impairments.

The headrest provides neck support to children who may require it. The elevating leg rests let children raise their legs for improved blood circulation. The safety harness and anti-tippers guarantee no accidents occur while your child is in the wheelchair.

Click here for further information on the Ziggo lightweight wheelchair.

9. Bathroom Wheelchairs

Aquatec Ocean Ergo Shower Chair Commode

The aquatic ocean chair is a shower chair that also functions as a commode. This innovative wheelchair can easily be maneuvered in tight places and allows users to perform personal care tasks more conveniently. The wheelchair has several features, including an adjustable seat and footrest that can be adjusted without needing tools.

The revolutionary ergonomic chair allows individuals to sit comfortably upright and freely use the toilet or take a bath. It also includes a collecting pan as well as a traditional seat overlay.

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10. Commercial Use Wheelchairs

Commercial wheelchairs are not typically bought for a single user. The terminal wheelchair, for example, is used to transport passengers with mobility challenges from the airport to their planes.

Heavy Duty Wheelchair

The heavy-duty transport wheelchair has a robust reinforced steel frame that can support individuals weighing up to 450 pounds. It has desk-length removable armrests and adjustable leg support to offer users comfort. The wheelchairs also have flat-free tires, so you don’t have to worry about transferring to new wheelchairs in the middle of the airport while rushing to catch your flight.

Click here for further information on heavy-duty transport wheelchairs.

Power Wheelchairs

1. Lightweight

Featherweight Electric Wheelchair (Power Chair)

A featherweight electric wheelchair is an excellent option if you want an affordable and lightweight electric wheelchair. This power chair is a game changer since it folds to a small size. If you’ve ever used a power chair, you know how difficult it is to disassemble it into a few pieces to fit it into a car. However, thanks to the innovative design of the featherweight electric wheelchair, the seat shrinks to 13 inches, and the back folds down to 28 inches.

Hence, the wheelchair folds up tiny enough to fit into any car or coat closet. Users enjoy complete independence since they can operate the featherweight power chair independently. Moreover, it only weighs around 33 lbs.; the best thing is that a single battery charge may take up to 13 miles.

All airlines accept these electric wheelchairs as the Lithium-ion battery is removable, so you can conveniently travel with them. The one-inch seat and soft back cushions add to the comfort of sitting in this wheelchair. The armrests have a soft padding, and you can push them back to sit and get up whenever you need them quickly.

2. Folding/Portable

Move Lite Folding Power Chair

This electric mobility chair is one of the lightest foldable electric wheelchairs on the market. It weighs lbs. and can be folded into a single piece without disassembling. It is made of long-lasting, sturdy, and lightweight aluminum. This wheelchair’s strong material can support people weighing up to 300 pounds.

The tires are flat-free, so you can effortlessly operate the wheelchair across rugged terrain without worrying about the tire falling flat. The wheelchair has a horn and adjustable speed control for safety. The wheelchair can easily be fit into any vehicle and is also approved by airlines.

Click here for further information on the folding electric wheelchair.

3. Outdoor

Evolt Traveler Power Chair

The eVolt electric wheelchair is powered by two strong motors totaling 500 watts. It also has large 12-inch wheels that allow users to navigate rough terrain comfortably. This foldable electric wheelchair folds in 3 seconds and fits in the trunk of any car. It also weighs only 48 lbs., making it easy to transport.

This electric wheelchair is light, powerful, comfortable, and portable and comes with all the features that one looks for in outdoor wheelchairs. The best part is that it is airline certified, so you can take it with you when you travel and visit new places without worrying about mobility issues.

Click here for further information on outdoor power wheelchairs.

4. Heavy-Duty

Golden Compass (Heavy-Duty Power Chair)

The golden compass electric wheelchair features a foldable seat hinge design and the regular two-tone captain seat. The revolutionary sliding seat system makes seat removal simple and quick. The wheelchair has adjustable head and armrests for maximum comfort as you do your daily chores. It also includes two batteries with a one-year warranty.

You can enjoy free shipping on this heavy-duty wheelchair, and you will receive the following free items upon purchase:

  • Rear basket
  • Cup holder
  • Armrest bag
  • Cellphone holder
  • Powerchair cover
  • Seat belt
  • Travel case

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Transport Wheelchairs

Transport wheelchairs vary from regular wheelchairs in that they have four small wheels instead of two small and two big wheels. These wheelchairs are only designed for transportation. Moreover, they should only be pushed by attendants or caregivers, and riders should not attempt to use them on their own.

1. Transport Chairs

Drive Aluminum Transport Wheelchair

The drive aluminum transport wheelchairs were designed to make any trip as comfortable as possible for the users. With a weight of only 19 lbs, you can effortlessly carry the lightweight wheelchair wherever you go. Users can fold down the handlebars, making storing the wheelchair a breeze because it fits conveniently into your car trunk.

The aluminum frame is solid and long-lasting, ensuring the wheelchair lasts a long time. The full-length cushioned armrests provide maximum comfort and a place to rest your arms while going about your daily activities. The composite wheels with the wheelchair are lightweight and require little to no maintenance.

2. Travel Chairs

Nissin Light-Weight Travel Chair

If you are looking for lightweight wheelchairs for travel purposes, the Nissin lightweight travel chair is a great option. It includes a thigh belt to help ensure balanced seating. You can also benefit from the fixed footrest and the flip-up armrest, which allow you to easily sit and get up from the wheelchair without bumping into the armrests. The wheelchair weighs only 13 lbs. and folds up quickly, making it ideal for travel. When you want to use the wheelchair again, you can easily open it with one touch.

3. Heavy Duty

Nova Transport Chair (12-Inch Rear Wheels and Removable Arms)

The Nova transport wheelchair has a lightweight aluminum frame and padded upholstery for maximum comfort. The wheelchair had several safety features, including locking rear wheels and hand breaks. The quick-release fold-down backs allow you to compactly fold the wheelchair and store it in your home or the back of your car’s trunk. It also has detachable and reversible desk arms that can be removed for storage or when sitting or getting up from the wheelchair.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wheelchair

Now that we’ve covered the various categories and types of wheelchairs keep in mind that not every wheelchair is appropriate for you. A heavy-duty wheelchair, for example, may not be suitable for someone who requires a wheelchair that they can easily carry around and transport. For such clients, a featherweight wheelchair may be the best option.

Hence, when purchasing a wheelchair, numerous factors must be considered to ensure you get the best one for their needs. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a wheelchair:

  • Ask yourself if you are looking for manual or electric wheelchairs:Of the two main categories of wheelchairs are manual and electric. The price points of the categories in these wheelchairs can also differ. Hence, first, decide which type of wheelchair you want. After doing so, you can move on to the next consideration, which is research
  • Research:After deciding the type of wheelchair you want, you can research the different brands and suppliers to see the price point of the wheelchairs you wish. Doing so will also help you ensure that the wheelchair you want to buy will fulfill all your needs. After research, you can move on to the next consideration, setting the budget
  • Set the budget:Once you have researched the market, you will have a rough idea of the price point of the wheelchair you want. From there, you can set a budget for yourself and research different retailers to see who sells them at the best pricing
  • Make comfort a priority:When buying a wheelchair, one of the most important things you need to consider is the comfort level of the wheelchair. If you get an expensive wheelchair and it turns out to be uncomfortable, that will be like wasting your money. So, consider factors like footrest, armrest, and back support. We recommend trying to sit and operate a wheelchair before you buy one to ensure that it meets your comfort levels

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