Invacare Handcycles

Top 3 Invacare Handcycles for Leading an Active Lifestyle

Individuals with mobility issues and disabilities often miss out on fun outdoor activities due to their limited standard wheelchairs, but not anymore. Handcycles offer an inclusive mode of transportation, allowing users with mobility issues to race with their friends and family or in a competitive environment without the stress of speed, agility, and range hindering their performance and fun.

Handcycles also help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and are great for incorporating a cardiovascular workout into your routine. They help build arm and muscle strength and tone your abdominal muscles. Handcycling is also good for improving balance and coordination.


This article includes the top 3 Invacare handcycles for leading an active lifestyle, which are:


Invacare Li’l Excelerator Handcycle

Why should adults have all the fun? The Invacare li’l excelerator is a pediatric handcycle designed specifically for kids to join their families on a fun day of bicycling. The 3-wheel chair is made with a carbon steel frame and fork, offering increased stability and durability. The Invacare handcycle is completely adjustable, such as you can adjust the seat, back height and upholstery, and crank height.


Moreover, it has oval ergonomic hand pedals and a Shimano 7-speed hub with reversing drum brake, ensuring the children’s hands are constantly on the controls.

Key Features

  • It includes 1.75″ x .065 ovalized carbon steel tubing.
  • It has a 9° camber, offering increased agility and a turning radius of 10 feet for a 360° circle.
  • Standard features include reflectors, parking brake, ergonomic oval hand pedals, and chain tension idler.

Top End Force NRG Handcycle

The Top End Force NRG is one of the best Invacare handcycles available. It is a competitive handcycle made with 7000 series heat-treated aluminum and carbon fiber and features a hybrid design. It is completely customizable, and each is built according to specifications required by the user and goes through an extensive quality control procedure before shipping. It is aerodynamic and lightweight but also durable and stiff.

Key Features

  • It has a single main beam and double wishbone to stabilize front-wheel lower and upper chainstays.
  • It has oval-style pedals with power plates.
  • The carbon fiber seat and backrest improve shoulder positioning.
  • The lower center of gravity improves power and efficiency.
  • It has a 60″ Wheelbase and 3 Degrees Camber.

Invacare Top End Force G Handcycle

This Invacare handcycle is designed for individuals with low paraplegia, amputees, and athletes that can use their abdominal, chest, shoulder, and arm muscles to propel themselves forward or backward. The aerodynamic design is trunk-powered and in an erect position. It also comes with a center frame constructed with an internal rib which allows for easy transfer of power and control by making the frame super stiff and steady.

Key Features

  • It provides excellent maneuverability and performance.
  • It’s trunk-powered, adjustable, and in an erect position, offering increased visibility on the field.
  • It consists of ovalized ergonomic hand pedals with frictionless bearings.
  • Safety features include a parking brake, safety flag, and chain guard.


Handcycles are good for getting out of the house and including exercise in your routine. Multiple types of handcycles are available, from beginners to class H5 athletes in competitions, to ensure their limited mobility doesn’t hinder their active lifestyle. We hope this article helped!