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Over-bed tables (often referred to as hospital tables) are designed for patients who will be limited to their bed for long stretches of time. Typically, these tables have a four-wheeled base that slides beneath the bed, and a rectangular table-top, both of which attach to the bracket-shaped frame. Whether it’s for your loved one, or yourself, an overbed table is a great way to provide convenience and support during trying times.

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Overbed Tables - Invacare

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    1. Tilt Top Overbed Table
      Tilt-Top Overbed Table
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      • Adaptable tilt-top allows three angle positions
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    2. Invacare Overbed Table with Auto-Touch
      Invacare Overbed Table with Auto-Touch
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      • Durable Chrome-Plated Welded Steel Base
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      Top 5 Best Overbed Tables

      If you or a loved one is confined to a bed or a hospital bed you will benefit from a overbed table. An overbed table will allow you to sit up and eat, read, use your computer and perform other activities such as store some essentials, medicine, TV remote control, etc. and avoid having them them clutter up your bed. It is a total space saver because almost all overbed tables come with wheels allowing you to roll the table away as needed.

      Here are some of the things you should look out for when buying a overbed table:

      • Safety
      • Table Top Length / Reach
      • Table Height
      • Casters
      • Table Tilt
      • Best Overbed Tables

      According to a report by the ECRI Institute(formerly the "Emergency Care Research Institute”), patients may get trapped between their overbed table and their bed if the base of the overbed table is under the bed while trying to lower the bed. Its essential to remove the overbed table when lowering your electric (hospital) bed. For a full guide to avoid hospital bed entrapment read the FDA guidelines on hospital Beds guide to reducing entrapment.

      Table Top Length / Reach:
      Most hospital beds are 36” - 40” wide. You will want to make sure your overbed table has a reach of at least 30” long. We recommend measuring your bed’s width before investing in a overbed table.

      Table Height:
      Depending on the bed you have you will want your overbed table height to have a height of at least 40” and as low as 30”. Some tables like the Drive Medical Tilt Top go as high as 46” inches and the Drive Low Overbed Table go as low as 19”.

      Most beds have a 5” clearance underneath the bed which will allow the overbed table to roll comfortably in and out underneath your bed. Your casters should be at least 1.5” inches high for them to easily roll on the carpet. Having at least two locking caster wheels is a plus because this will allow you to lock your wheels when stabilizing your overbed table.

      Table Tilt:
      Overbed tables come in two kinds of table tops:
      • Non-tilt tops - Where the table tops do not tilt, they remain flat. These tops are great for eating or resting your computer.
      • Tilt-tops - These overbed table tops can tilt 30°, 60°, 90° this is great for both eating, resting your computer and reading. These tables tops usually come with a slight rim around the table top to prevent small crumbs and liquid from spilling on your bed.

      Here are the Top 5 Best Overbed Tables

      1. Chair Side Over Table by Drive
        - Pros: This table is designed for a lift chair, recliner or couch (not for a bed). The table top height adjusts from 23” - 33”, has a capacity of 50 lbs., and has a table surface of 15” x 30”, with a built in magazine rack.
        - Cons: This over table does is not designed for a bed.
      2. Drive Pivot and Tilt Overbed Table
        - Pros: The main mast of the table pivots which allows the table to come real close to the patient when sitting in bed or a wheelchair, the table top height adjusts from 28” - 37”. It has a 40 lbs. table weight capacity, 2” locking casters, and folds super flat.
        - Cons: The max height is 37”.
      3. Drive Low Overbed Table
        - Pros: This table is designed for a low bed, the table height goes as low as 19” to as high as 28”, it has a 50 lbs. capacity with a table surface of 15” x 30”.
        - Cons:Table height is only 28”.
      4. Non-Tilit Overbed Table with Chrome Finish
        - Pros:The table top has an adjustable table height of 28” - 45”, 40 lbs. weight capacity, and 2” casters.
        - Cons: The table top does not tilt and casters do not lock.
      5. Multi Purpose Tilt Top
        - Pros:The table features an adjustable table height of 30” - 46”, has two different table surfaces; a larger one that tilts in either direction, and a smaller one that stays securely in place. The table top surface has a lip to protect from spilling, 1.5” locking casters and a 55 lbs. table weight capacity.
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