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Lift Chairs

Small Lift Chairs Lift chairs for users 5'4" or less
Medium Lift Chairs Lift chairs for users 5'4" to 5'10"
Large Lift Chairs Lift chairs for users 5'10" and taller

Heavy Duty Lift Chairs
  • Extra Wide Seat
  • 500-700 lb. Capacity
  • Petite Lift Chairs Lift chairs for users shorter than 5'2"
    Zero Gravity Lift Chairs Reclines to body's natural position

    Accessories for Lift Chairs Tables and accessories for lift chairs

    Lifting Cushions
  • Adds a Lift to any Arm Chair or Sofa

  • Shop By Features

    1800Wheelchair.com offers a wide variety of lift chairs to serve your needs. We offer lift chairs from Pride Mobility and Golden Tech lift chairs. Our lift chair options are not only practical but are designed to be integral part of your home decor; a fine furnishing that you will use and enjoy for many years to come.

    Questions To Consider When Buying a Lift Chair

    What size is your room?

    This purchase is a important part of your home and needs to match and fit your room of choice. We carry special lift chairs for small rooms and tight quarters. One must make sure this new piece of furniture will fit properly in your space.

    What size are you? Height, weight, width

    Our lift chairs come in four sizes: (1) small-petite, (2) medium-large, (3) extra-large/wide and (4) tall. As a general guide, Small-Petite Lift Chairs are recommended for users 5'4" tall and below and can hold weight capacities of 300 lbs. to 325 lbs. Medium-Large Lift Chairs are recommended for users between 5'5" and 6' tall and usually have capacities of 375 lbs. Tall Lift Chairs like our Luxury Tall Lift Chair, are for users 6'1" to 6'6" tall and have weight capacities of 375 lbs. Extra-Large & Wide Lift Recliners like our Comforter Wide Lift Chair or our Pride GL-545 Lift Chair, have seat widths from 25" to 30" and capacities from 375 lbs. to 700 lbs.

    How much time will you spend in your lift chair daily?

    Some lifting chairs have softer back styles while others have firmer back cushions. Button-style backs are usually of the firmer variety while the pillow style back lift chairs have softer cushions.

    Do you need a two, three or infinite position lift chair?

    Two-position lift chairs have two recline positions: straight, and "TV recline", which is leaned slightly back for reading, relaxing or watching television. Three-position lift chairs can be stopped in any position by releasing the recline or lift button. As a 3-way chair begins to recline the ottoman raises. Infinite position lift chairs have independently operated back and ottoman movement for an infinite number of recline positions from straight up to "sleep recline", which can lay flat like a bed.

    Do you require heat and massage?

    Some models come with a heat & massage option which operates on the lower back only. Deluxe heat & massage is also available, which heats and massages the lower back, seat and legs.

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    “I received the transport chair I ordred in only 2 days! Thank you. It is a wonderfull chair and I am so pleased with it. It’s very light and easily handled. I know we are going to appreciate that. Thanks again for a great product.”
    Linda B, Modesto,CA

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