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Rolling Walkers

Rolling Walkers (also referred to as “rollators” or “wheeled walkers” or "walkers with wheels") are walking aids comprised of a frame and three or four large wheels. Great for traveling, many models also feature an attachable bag or a built-in seat. Generally, rollators are heavier than standard walkers, but their wheels reduce friction, making them just as easy to move around. If you’re struggling to make a decision between the two, try both styles and see what feels most natural. If lifting and maneuvering your standard walker is a struggle, you may want to opt for a wheeled variant, but if maintaining posture and balance is difficult with a rolling walker, you may need the support offered by a standard model.

At 1800wheelchair, we carry all the best rollators and can accommodate users of all sizes. You'll find such brands as Dolomite, Invacare, Medline and Drive. We also have an extensive rollator accessories section, where you’ll find a variety of customization options to help ensure that any model you buy is a perfect fit.

Order online or give us a call at 1-800-320-7140; our phone agents are standing by to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Price:
    • Folds easily for storage and transportation
    • Two-button removable padded backrest
    • Removable storage pouch
  • Price:
    • Folds completely flat, making it even easier to store
    • Extra wide memory foam seat
    • A simple seat latch allows users to move it for step-in support
  • Price:
    • Convenient storage bag included
    • Comfortable padded 12" x 12" seat
    • 6" wheels
  • Price:
    • Two products in one
    • Easily foldable into a compact package
    • Hand grips are adjustable in height
  • Price:
    • Available with 5" or 8" wheels
    • Ergonomic loop hand brakes - squeeze to brake, flip down to apply wheel locks
    • Flexible backrest for comfort
  • Price:
    • Padded backrest
    • Large 8" wheels for confidence on all terrains
    • Fully padded 12" x 12" seat with pouch
  • Price:
    • Rugged
    • Matte black frame
    • 7" chrome hubs
  • Price:
    • Accommodates shorter users
    • Ergonomic loop hand brakes - squeeze to brake, flip down to apply wheel locks
    • Removable padded backrest
  • Price:
    • European style frame
    • Folds up easily with one hand
    • Super compact
  • Price:
    • Very easy and fast to fold and unfold
    • Extremely light weight
  • Price:
    • Adjustable seat-to-floor height
    • Ergonomic handgrips offer a comfortable grip
    • Zippered pouch under seat for security of personal items
  • Price:
    • Large 8" wheels
    • Adjustable height handle
    • Comes with front mounting basket (padded seat models come with universal basket that can be mounted under seat or in front of rollator)
  • Price:
    • Ideal for shorter users
    • Welded aluminum frame
    • Soft seat with release strap for folding
  • Price:
    • Special loop-lock brakes
    • Solid 7.5" wheels for indoor or outdoor use
    • Easy, one-handed folding
  • Price:
    • Reinforced frame
    • Extra-large 8
  • Price:
    • $10 will be donated to NBCF
    • Fully padded seat
    • Lightweight aluminum
  • Price:
    • Wheels swivel or can be locked to roll forward only
    • Ergonomic loop hand brakes - squeeze to brake, flip down to apply wheel locks
    • Easily folds with dual clever side paddle release
  • Price:
    • Serves as a standard and a junior rollator
    • High end bag under the seat with water resistant pouch and shoulder strap
    • Curved backrest with thicker padding than other rollators
  • Price:
    • Internal aluminum loop lock operates easily and ensures safety
    • Large 6
  • Price:
    • Adjustable Seat-to-floor height
    • Hand brakes lock for safety
    • Height adjustable, easily converting from junior to standard size
  • Price:
    • Padded seat and backrest provide comfort
    • Lightweight, anodized aluminum weighs only 12 lbs.
    • Easy one hand folding for easy storage and transport
  • Price:
    • Apply downward pressure to break
    • Durable lightweight aluminum frame
    • Folds easily for transport and storage
  • Price:
    • Accommodates smaller users
    • Ergonomic loop hand brakes - squeeze to brake, flip down to apply wheel locks
    • Lower seat height
  • Price:
    • Folds easily for convenient transport and storage
    • Curved backrest for your comfort and convenience
    • Ergonomic loop hand brakes - squeeze to brake, flip down to apply wheel locks