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Medium Lift Chairs

  • Price:
    • Golden craftsmanship
    • Smart engineering
    • Requires only 5” from wall
  • Price:
    • Classic pub chair design with nail head accent
    • Patented MaxiComfort\ recline technology standard
  • Price:
    • Cloud-Like Comfort
    • AutoDrive Hand Control
    • Improve Circulation by Elevating Feet and Hips above your Heart
  • Price:
    • Quiet & smooth lift system
    • Heavy-duty lift actuator & scissor mechanism
    • Standard head and arm covers
  • Price:
    • Great economy lift chair
    • Smooth and quiet lifting mechanism
    • Fully padded chaise
  • Price:
    • Customized Comfort – Lock in “Your” Favorite Comfort Position
    • Exclusive PowerPillow for Ultimate Head Positioning
    • Superior Leg Extension
  • Price:
    • Timeless style and comfort
    • Hand stuffed seam back
  • Price:
    • Contoured seating
    • Pocketed coils
    • Offers individualized comfort and support
  • Price:
    • Beautiful soft touch fabric
    • Classic, luxurious design
    • Made in the U.S.
  • Price:
    • Cloud-like softness
    • Reinforced Miter Blocks
    • Double-doweled at Stress Points
  • Price:
    • Heavy-duty lift actuator
    • Full chaise lounger
    • battery backup
  • Price:
    • Plush overstuffed back
    • Deep seated comfort with ultra-soft back
    • Contemporary design
  • Price:
    • Reinforced maple frame
    • Patented Morley Torsioned Springs add luxurious comfort and anatomically-correct support in all positions
  • Price:
    • Cascading back cushions
    • Includes cup holder
    • Foldable tray and storage compartments
  • Price:
    • Northern Maple Wood is double doweled at stress points
    • Reinforced miter blocks
    • Grip Rite arm design
  • Price:
    • Economy lift chair
    • Kiln dried and cut to precise angles to eliminate squeaks
    • Solid maple hardwood frame
  • Price:
    • Plush overstuffed back
    • Deep seated comfort with ultra-soft back
    • Contemporary design

Medium Lift Chairs

Medium lift chairs can be defined by their function and size. Functionally, lift chairs allow their users easy and comfortable access from a standing position to reclining in a recliner-type chair. As for size, these lift chairs are designed for users roughly between 5’4" and 5’10" tall - weight capacities run up to 375 lbs. For users that are shorter than 5’4", see our petite lift chairs, and if you are taller then 5’10" then see our large lift chairs

What to look for when choosing a lift chair:

Recline range - There are three types of reclining ranges (note: all lift chairs will lift you to a standing position).

  • 2 Position recline - Perfect for people who do not need for their lift chair to fully recline. As the name implies, two positions lift chairs have only two major positions; straight and a slight recline at about 45°. These chairs are ideal for reading or watching television.
  • 3 Position recline - A three position lift chair goes one step further than the two position, it adds an almost full recline options. We stress almost here because the three position lift chair doesn't achieve a perfect horizontal line. There is a slight "V" where the back and seat meet. We highly recommend this chair or watching television and napping.
  • Zero Gravity Lift Chairs - A zero gravity lift chair is capable of reclining further than any other lift chair. Not only can it do everything a 3 position lift chair can do, it can also recline so that your legs are elevated above your heart and pressure is relieved from the lower back.

Fabrics and Colors - Most lift chairs come in multiple fabrics and many colors options, such as basic vinyl, faux leather, faux suede, velvet, plus you can opt for stain resisting fabrics as well. We allow you customize your lift chair the way you want it.

Heat and massage - Another great option most lift chairs offer is heat and/or massage upgrades. The heat options is similar to a heating pad and will soothe ache muscles. The massage feature is a light rolling style massage.

Home delivery and setup - Home delivery is free for all lift chairs, we offer an in home set-up as an option for an additional fee.

We carry a full line of Lift Chairs from companies like Golden Technologies, Pride Mobility, and Nexidea. See all lifting recliner options.