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Pediatric Seating & Positioning

Pediatric seating & positioning aids are designed to provide either postural correction, or gait control. This category is comprised of devices meant to address or prevent spinal tilt, leg adduction/abduction, and a host of other difficulties. Whether due to an anatomical irregularity, or an instinctive tendency, if your child is struggling with a postural or gait-related abnormality, you’re in the right place.

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  • Price:
    • Ideal for children whose legs tend to adduct
    • Height adjusts from 9.5" to 16.5" in five increments
  • Price:
    • Adjustable seat height & depth
    • 15° anterior/posterior tilt
  • Price:
    • Chair is adjustable
    • 3-point pelvic belt
  • Price:
    • Use in stroller, chair, or wheelchair
    • Anti-microbial
  • Price:
    • Can be mounted to almost any chair
    • Contoured back maximizes support and comfort
  • Price:
    • Supports user in the upright and prone position
  • Price:
    • Adjustable seat height & depth
    • 15° tilt
  • Price:
    • 95° Seat to back angle
    • Double strap trunk support and belt
  • Price:
    • Seat-Depth Adjustable
    • Back-Height and angle adjustable
  • Price:
    • Set of four leg extensions
    • Allows for custom height adjustments
  • Price:
    • Height, depth, and angle adjustable
    • Ball and socket style mounting allows for unlimited pad positioning
  • Price:
    • Allows the MSS Tilt & Recline to be used as a high chair that is brought up to tabletop height
    • Easily Attaches to Seating System
  • Price:
    • Width and depth adjustable
    • Supports user's pelvis and prevents abduction
  • Price:
    • Allows the MSS Tilt & Recline to be used as a floor sitter
    • Easily Attaches to Seating System