One of the most important things to determine before selecting a mobility scooter, is where you’ll be using it most often. If that place is your home or office, then you should look to purchase one of our indoor mobility scooters. These models tend to feature narrower bases and tighter turning radii than their outdoor counterparts. While they thrive in situations where space is limited, be aware that these units will struggle with difficult terrain and aren't a great option for bariatric users.

1800wheelchair stocks indoor (3 wheel), outdoor (4 wheel), foldable, lightweight, and heavy duty models, and we know we have what you’re looking for. We also have an extensive scooter accessories section, where you’ll find a variety of customization options to help ensure that the model you choose is a perfect fit.

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Electric scooters for adults are certainly not toys, however you may find yourself having fun. With the power to carry over 300 lbs, 3 wheeled scooters can help you around the house or at the store. Lighter than their four wheeled cousins, three wheeled scooters offer an easier option to transport in your car or truck. Some three wheel scooter models come apart in second with a tool-less design.

When offer three wheeled scooters for sale, we subscribe to the following principals.

  • Put our customers first, that means we try to assess your needs to find the right scooter
  • Only offer quality products: cheap 3 wheel scooters are in price only, never poor in quality
  • You can try your 3 wheeled scooter for thirty days and return if you'd like. Restocking fees may apply

Three wheel electric scooter provide freedom to their owners. Get yours today!